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IPv4 Sale, Buy and Lease Process

The company, who want to sell or buy IPv4, require knowing the nature of the working of various RIRs, LIRs and NIRs. It also requires knowing the tendency of the regional buyer or seller. Understanding the future market on the basis of available statistics helps to take a decision. A set up to do international effective communication that too 24 x 7 is must requirement. Transparency on each stage is a necessity for safe and secured transaction. Provision of complete peace of mind with 100% satisfaction is our motto.

The buy-sale transection process:

  1. You are one among of Seller / Buyer / Lessor / Lessee / Broker.
  2. You need to do sign-up formalities then you get access of IPv4.deals. You can check all detail mentioned on it.
  3. If you want to do an activity like sale – buy – lease, you need to fill a registration form providing all required detail of a deal. You will get separate registration confirmation from admin.
  4. A buyer registration confirmation requires additional documents and detail.
  5. If you want to fill registration form as a broker (on behalf of someone else; buyer or seller), first you need to get the signup form filled of seller or buyer and get approval from admin.
  6. If it is a private deal, admin will contact separately with the seller and buyer.
  7. Verification and Documentation:
    • Verification: Based on RIR regulations, the buyer and seller required to be verified.
    • Ownership: The ownership of the seller’s IPv4 block is checked.
    • Block Checking: Technicality of the seller’s IPv4 block is checked to ensure that it meets pre-requisites.
    • Listings: Listing at various repositories of offered IP range is checked and get it cleaned (if required).
    • Removal: The offered IP range is also required to be removed from BGP routing tables and DNS entries.
    • Block Examination: Buyer can check and review the IPv4 subnets before buying them.
    • NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required to be prepared and signed by seller / buyer and admin to protect the conversation and discussion from disclosure about both parties’ confidential matters.
    • APA: Asset Purchase Agreement is required to be prepared and signed by seller and buyer.
  8. If all information is correct and suitable, admin will confirm the offer which is to be shown on relevant part of the dash board – Auction, Fix Price Deal, Lease proposals and Buyer Bids.
  9. An approved buyer can bid on offers displayed on the dashboard.
  10. The Buyer / Lessee will confirm and accept the transaction by clicking on a particular deal mentioned at the dash board. A deal ID is generated.
  11. Creation of Chat Box as soon as the deal ID is generated depicting deal ID, seller / lessor, buyer / lessee and broker detail with complete transaction detail. It will also show the payment detail, related with all entities including admin charges. At this point Chat Box is visible only to the admin.
  12. Invoicing (if required): The admin will provide a proforma invoice on behalf of the seller to the buyer.

Further process related with buy – sale transaction:

  1. Admin send request to get bank detail of the buyer, lessor and broker.
  2. Payment Terms and Escrow account: The Buyer and Seller agree to the payment terms. They further agree to pay either direct or use an escrow account.
  3. Creation of Escrow transaction by admin involving the seller and buyer.
  4. Buyer agrees to Escrow terms.
  5. Seller agrees to Escrow terms.
  6. Buyer sends payment in Escrow account.
  7. Now Chat Box is visible to all – seller, buyer, lessee, lessor and broker.
  8. Admin provide Buyer information to the Seller.
  9. Seller submits the transfer request via online portal to the regional internet registry (RIR) and provides the required supporting documents.
  10. Admin inform Seller to share ticket number generated by LIR (1) and RIR (2).
  11. Admin inform Buyer to contact LIR or relevant RIR for pre-approval listing. Buyer submits the transfer request via online portal with the regional internet registry (RIR), linking the ticket ID received from the seller/source.
  12. The transfer process will take one to three weeks, depends upon LIR and RIR.
  13. IPv4 Transfer Announcement: Upon successful IPv4 transfer, the online Whois record is updated with buyer information at respective regional internet registry.
  14. After updating who is record, admin inform Buyer to receive and accept the resource.
  15. Buyer confirms to Escrow regarding receipt of resources and its acceptance.
  16. Escrow release payment to Seller and admin.
  17. Admin releases the payment to Broker.
  18. Closing statement by admin to Seller, Buyer and Broker

Further process related with lease transaction:

  1. Payment to Admin by Lessee for Lease and additional service charges (Advance and Quarterly basis).
  2. This information is updated on Chat Box, which is now visible to all.
  3. Server setup by Admin for Lessor / Lessee or for both (if required).
  4. Admin get Lessee confirmation for successful setup.
  5. After successful server set-up payment to Lessor after deducting additional service charges (if any) on monthly basis. (Yes monthly basis).
  6. Closing statement by admin to lessor, lessee and broker.

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