7 Easy Steps To A Successful IPV4 Transfer With IPv4.deals

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When the secondary IPv4 Market started out, it was disorganized. There were very few genuine brokers who operated within the RIR’s framework and guidelines. Among these reputed brokers, Alpha InfoLab has stood out as a leader in bridging the IPv4 address buyer and seller gap. It is reputed for providing seamless IPv4 transfer of IP address blocks.

Alpha InfoLab is a registered Transfer Facilitator/Broker at ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, and LACNIC. Its work is transparent and according to individual RIR policies. Alpha InfoLab has successfully facilitated the transfer of IPv4 address blocks within RIR’s and also inter-RIR transfers.

On one hand, there is an IPv4 address shortage. Whereas, on the other hand, companies and ISP’s are moving towards the IPv6 transition. Largely, many buyers and sellers are clueless about the entire IPv4 transfer. For the purpose of a simplified IPv4 auction process, Alpha InfoLab uses IPv4.deals, its own IP exchange platform.

With Alpha InfoLab, buying or selling, or leasing IPv4 addresses starts by filling a simple form. So, go ahead and start the simple 7 step process with IPv4.deals now.

How to buy an IP address? IPv4 transfer from seller to buyer

Alpha InfoLab has worldwide operations with a very large selection of clean and unlisted IPs. Buyers and Sellers enjoy Escrow payment services, safe and legal transfers.

You can sell or lease or buy bulk IP addresses or block after a fair IPv4 auction on the IPv4.deals platform.

Following are the 7 easy steps facilitated by Alpha InfoLab, a reliable & registered IPv4 Broker:

Number of IPs in the IPv4 Transfer:

We will access the number of IPs your business requires and their purpose. For example, bulk emailing, VPS hosting, VPN service, Backend testing, etc. This assessment will help us provide you with clean IPs. If needed a recommendation is also provided.

Budget for the IPv4 transfer:

Your budget is also an important aspect to be considered. The IP blocks must fit in your budget. The broker does the negotiation process between the buyer and seller. This enables the per IP price to fit in the right budget of the buyer and the seller is also happy with it.

Hire legal counsel:

Since IP transfer is a complex process, Alpha InfoLab provides legal counsel too. There are legal aspects that need to be checked to safeguard the sellers and the buyers. If either of the parties has been fraudulent, the broker knows the legal process.

Learn about RIR policy:

Each RIR has policy guidelines for the broker to follow. This ensures that the buyer and seller experience a seamless process of IPv4 transfer. Mostly, buyers and sellers do not know the guidelines, this is where a broker comes in.


Alpha InfoLab coordinates between buyer and seller. From searching for the right buyer or seller to set the number of IPs, to agreeing to the right IP price. Even following all the RIR guidelines, Alpha InfoLab provides all the assistance to ensure there is perfect coordination. Up until the time the seller transfers the IPs to the buyer. And making the full payment back to the seller through ESCROW.

Check address history:

The address history of the seller and buyer is important to proceed with the IPv4 transfer. Doing a thorough background check on the buyer and seller is essential. It is like a bank doing a credit check on a customer.

Deal with known sellers:

Usually, when sellers have a good reputation, Alpha InfoLab ensures they have a long connection with them. Sometimes, many buyers too may become future sellers. So, our team makes sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of utmost care.


Therefore, we can conclude that IPv4 transfer is a cumbersome process. So, Alpha InfoLab is a great partner for buyers and sellers to experience a safe and agile IPv4 transfer process.

For more information on IPv4 Transfer, connect with our team.

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