A New IP Proposal by China, opposed by RIPE

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Now everyone knows about IPv4 and IPv6, but we recently stumbled upon a news about RIPE opposing China’s New IP proposal. So, we dug up into this news to find out, that sometime in late September 2019, the Chinese Government, China Telecom, China Unicom and Huawei company’s personnel put a proposal to remodel the Internet Protocol in front of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Geneva (IP Proposal by China opposed by RIPE).


Why the new IP Proposal to the ITU? 

The proposal was meant to convince 193 member states and more than 900 companies and organisations who are members of the ITU, a specialized agency of the United Nations. This proposal was delivered at many International conferences by China to the extent that it has timed it to be brought up to be discussed in the World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly (WTSA), to be held in November 2020 in Hyderabad, India (IP Proposal by China opposed by RIPE). 


However, this came to light in a Financial Times news piece which highlighted on how China has been pushing this new idea of Internet Protocol to the United Nations (IP Proposal by China opposed by RIPE). 


RIPE opposes: 

And more recently RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia objected to this IP proposal by China for 2030 which aims to supersede TCP/IP, replace the existing Internet, connect and integrate with all possible sectors and many networks from Space Stations to Satellites, Medicine to people and more such. This seems a little too far-fetched for China to assume that countries would simply allow their telecommunication channels and data privacy of individuals to be overtaken by the proposed IP structure which will be all laid down by Huawei. 


RIPE and many other such organisations who opposed to the New IP are concerned that the focus must be on fighting the current global pandemic with a united Internet and protocols. However, the new proposal seems to be going in the opposite direction of the existing IP which is open, transparent and provides control to the end user. 


What happens to IPv4 and IPv6?


If the New IP comes into play, then it could replace IPv4 and IPv6. However, the question of whether we need the New IP in the future. The New IP will change the entire architecture of the existing IPs, IPv4 and IPv6. Do we need another IP? We think we do not need a new IP, since it could encroach on data privacy and encryption which is the core of IPv4 and IPv6. 


So, we are however hopeful to see more of purchase of IP address, IP Block, selling IPv4 addresses and bidding for IPv4. The IPv4 Market Price is set to rise and as IPv4 sellers or buyers one can sell or buy at the best exchange platform for IPv4


The Current Pandemic and the Internet: 

The ITU and WHO are already collaborating with UNICEF and telecom companies in an effort to send text messages to each and every person who have a mobile phone but are not connected to the internet to help spread the COVID-19 health message. They will provide digital health solutions to provide best and safe ways to diagnose, contain and predict the containment.  


Alpha InfoLab strives to fight this pandemic and is aiming to provide all its products and services to clients through a well-connected, 24/7 internet services and customer support.

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