Different types of IP addresses – Quick Guide

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The Internet and IP addresses are important factors that connect us all to the rest of the world. Growing businesses and a growing number of employees requires many IP addresses (Types of IP addresses). But, there are many types of IP addresses, and your business may not know which IPs you require, that is where Alpha InfoLab comes in to provide the best solution for IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.

You can learn more about IP addresses, that is local IP address and external IP address here.

One can use IP addresses for many purposes, but in order for your businesses to communicate well with the outside world. An SSL Certificate is also an important aspect to make your Website secure. An HTTPS website will assure your visitors that your website is secure and encrypted and all their data and information are safe from hackers or malware etc.

What is BGP Security? Why is it essential in the Internet Protocol?

Let us find out the different types of IP addresses:

Elastic IP addresses: The Elastic IP address is useful when you are using EC2 (AWS Elastic Compute Cloud, especially when you can easily start, stop, create, and terminate instances. The Elastic IP address provides flexibility by providing the user with a single IP every time an instance changes. It is especially useful when you are managing your own site or when you are using SSH or a remote desktop.

Public IP addresses: Public IP addresses (Types of IP addresses) can be used when you want to communicate between the internet and the instances. When you purchase an IP block, mainly public IPs on your router will let you organize your own server. The public IPs are especially useful when you want remote access to your computer or network, connect with CCTV cameras for surveillance, and access from anywhere.

How to find your local and external address?

Private IP addresses: A Private IP address is used for connecting and communicating within the local network of your business. These are easily routable to the internal LAN and in any number of private networks (Types of IP addresses).

Multiple IP addresses: Multiple IPs are useful on a single network in order to prevent traffic interchange via the gateway, speed up, and reduce the load.

Many businesses also get dedicated IP blocks, you can learn more about it here.

Businesses are usually not sure where to find clean IP blocks, where bidding For IPv4 is done, or where selling of IPv4 Addresses by IPv4 Sellers is done. That is where Alpha InfoLab is an official broker and intermediary and hence has created an Exchange Platform IPv4 called IPv4.deals, which makes bidding and exchange of IPs seamless and easy.

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IPv4.deals is the Best Exchange Platform For IPv4 because it provides a fair IPv4 Market Price for both buyers and sellers. It takes care of everything from finding a buyer or seller, vetting the buyer and seller, complete coordination between the buyer, seller, Escrow and RIR, payment confirmations, IP transfer confirmations, and facilitation of all RIR regulations and adhere to all terms and conditions.

For more information on buying or selling IP blocks or any other queries, speak to IPv4.deals Team now.

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