How to find your local and external address?

Your business may require setting up of various infrastructure to strengthen it and enable the smooth running of an organization. For settings up any new hardware like printer, scanner, etc. or to resolve technical problems on your network, you may need to find out your local or internal IP address. Whereas if you happen to lose your internet connection or want someone to remotely access your devices, an external IP address is used.

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However, one needs to be extremely careful who has access to your local and external IP addresses. Hence, it is very important that you learn and understand them. IP masking is another way to make your IP address details private.


What is an IP address?

When we talk about a standard IP address, we are talking here about an IPv4 address. An IP address is a numeric series with 32-bit separated by decimals. Whereas an IPv6 address uses hexadecimal or alphanumeric with 128-bit separated by a colon.

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What is the difference between an internal IP address and an external IP address?

Like the names suggest, an internal IP address is used for your local network only like connecting to computers, laptops, printers, mobile devices, Smart TVs, etc. This is visible only to you. Whereas an external IP address is assigned to you by an ISP and is visible to websites where you browse when connected to the internet.


How to find out your local and external IP address?

On various Operating Systems like Mac, Vista, or Windows, there are varied steps on how an internal and external IP address is assigned. You can either use the Command Prompt or Control Panel to view the IP address information. For more technical assistance on this, speak to our customer support.


How to own your own IP address block?

Owning your own or separate business IP address block is essential when you do Bulk Mailing, and you do not want your company IP address to get blacklisted due to heavy mailing. When you purchase IP Address or purchase IP Block at an IPv4 Market Price in an IPv4 auction, you have dedicated IP addresses for mailing only or for any other purpose (local and external IP address).

The best Exchange Platform for IPv4 is, where bidding For IPv4 addresses or blocks is done by IPv4 sellers and buyers. The exchange between sellers and buyers is brokered by Alpha InfoLab, an official IPv4 Broker Service Provider for ARIN, RIPE, APNIC.


How to protect your IPs?

When a business goes online, there are many benefits to it like increased exposure, visible to a larger audience, a rise in online sales, and an increase in revenue. However, there are some drawbacks too like hackers using your external IP address to hack your business infrastructure, send trojan or malware to remotely access your devices, internet passwords, email passwords, company or employee or client confidential information, social media accounts, etc.

In order to protect your IPs, you can use a robust VPS server where your website is hosted. The server uses high-level encryption to safeguard your website from being hacked.

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