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If you are an Indian business or company, then having your own.IN and .bharat (in Hindi) domain business email address is very easy, says NIXI. NIXI or the National Internet Exchange of India has announced that all.IN and .bharat domain names can now have a personalized email service.

NIXI also overlooks the National Internet Registry (NIR). NIR is an entity of APNIC (RIR) that delegates IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers) to its affiliates in India. NIR is registered with APNIC as Indian Registry for Indian names and numbers (IRINN).

.IN and .bharat domain:

The .bharat domain is one of the most sorts after domain names right now in India, as it is available in 22 languages.IN domain too is popular among Indian businesses.

You can secure the.IN and .bharat domain easily with the help of Alpha InfoLab now. Our team will help you to get a bundle offer of .in domain, email, and website hosting for your business.

IPv6 adoption in India | .IN and .bharat domain:

IPv6 is being pushed in India by NIXI and has encouraged its affiliates to move to IPv6 by adopting a network dual-stack. NIXI, along with STPI and APNIC has also set up and organized various IPv6 training sessions and workshops for its corporate affiliates over the years.
In April 2021, NIXI has also taken three key initiatives in making IPv6 adoption easier and desirable for Indian businesses:

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1. NIXI Academy: The setup of NIXI Academy was established to educate non-technical and technical persons about the importance of IPv6 and its benefits. 

2. NIXI-IP-INDEX: NIXI IP INDEX is a platform where Indian ISPs can route domestic traffic within the country instead of from outside India. 

3. IP Guru: IP Guru is a panel of members from government and private institutions who provide technical support to Indian businesses in adopting IPv6. 

According to data by NIXI IP INDEX, as of 19th July 2021, IPv6 adoption in India is at 75% way ahead of the rest of the world.
In India, IPv6 looks very promising and the Government of India has also been instrumental in the formulation of the IPv6 Task Force and the National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap. Indian Government knows the importance of adopting IPv6 now, more than ever. The government wants all Indian businesses to adopt IPv6, as IPv6 is the foundation for a strong Digital India and self-reliance. IPv6 supports many advanced existing and emerging technologies, like IoT (Internet of Things), 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Services, OTT platforms (Over the top), and more.
If we look at State of Internet IPv6 adoption visualization by Akamai, IPv6 adoption in India is 61.5%, as of 18th July 2021 (Source: Akamai). India is the leading country to have adopted IPv6, followed by Belgium at 51% and Malaysia at 48%.

Get Your Own.IN Business Domain Today with Alpha Infolab

IPv6 and Satellites:

IPv6 also promises to provide end-to-end encryption, high security, and authentication protocols as it is equipped with in-built IPSec (IP Security). IPv6 enables intelligent traffic distribution around the world. Satellite Systems Engineering is also another aspect where the IPv6 environment is ideal. Strong and secure communications via satellite will help militaries, sensor networks, intelligence agencies, and governments for evolved communications. The IPTV and mobile video segments also desire IPv6.IN and .bharat domain:
Let us give you an example of where exactly IPv6 will be used in the context of a Satellite. In 2003, UK – DMC or Disaster Management Satellite meant for remote sensing tasks has been using IPv4 with the help of CLEO (Cisco Router in Low Earth Orbit). CLEO is a commercial router in space and hence is also compatible with IPv6 and provides secure communication.

IPv6 is predicted to be used beyond CLEO, in IRIS, or Internet Protocol Routing in Space. Post-CLEO, IRIS was introduced to relay secure and enhanced military satellite operations by allowing quick access of information, collaboration, and dissemination.

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This paper presents a new version of IP that introduces new architectural designs beyond that of IPv4 and IPv6, thus leading to new, innovative research in network design, operations, and routing. We retain the spirit of IPv6 in terms of stressing simplicity and minimalism in the selection of fields for IPv10. However, we also introduce new architectural elements that offer new capabilities and a path for future growth beyond that defined
and available in both IPv4 and IPv6.

IPv4’s price rises:

Currently, in 2021 the price of IPv4s has been rising and is being traded anywhere between $28 to $30 per IP, which is an exponential rise from $20 per block in March 2019. Alpha InfoLab is proud to have helped many elite corporate businesses like Etisalat (UAE) to buy, sell and lease IPv4 addresses at competitive prices.

It is the best time to sell and buy IP subnet, as the IPv4 address market is very lucrative. There are businesses that possess used IPv4 addresses and may want to put IPv4 addresses for sale or lease. When you sell or lease IP addresses, you are generating revenue for your business. A possible income generation to make the transition to IPv6? If you are such a business, then is the best marketplace to buy, sell or lease IPv4 addresses. is a global IPv4 address marketplace that promises transparent and smooth IPv4 address/block handover. is operated by Alpha InfoLab, a reliable & registered IPv4 Broker for APNIC, ARIN, RIPE NCC, and LACNIC RIRs. Alpha InfoLab is one of the leading facilitators of sales and purchases of IPv4 addresses that guarantee high-quality professionalism.

Alpha InfoLab is a reputed partner for businesses that are looking for the best IPv4 deals for IP addresses in India. Alpha InfoLab has also helped business clients to make an easy transition from IPv4 to IPv6. Leave your IPv4 or IPv6-related inquiry on our Contact Page and our Representative will connect with you ASAP.

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