How to convert IPv4 to IPv6?

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We have heard a lot about IPv4 exhaustion for 15 years now, and how IPv6 will save the world of the internet. If you have been thinking to convert IPv4 to IPv6, then it is the right time (How to convert IPv4 to IPv6).

IPv6 is more compatible with mobile networks than IPv4

The RIR’s have already run out of IPv4s, however, IPv4s are still available. Now companies who want to transition from IPv4 to IPv6 can do so by going on the IPv4 broker site and selling their IPv4s and use the generated revenue to move to IPv6(How to convert IPv4 to IPv6).


AFRINIC Enters IPv4 Exhaustion Phase 2


How to convert IPv4 address to IPv6?

There are lots of steps involved when your company would like to do IPv6 transition and also generate revenue by selling IPv4:

  • Go to a trusted Broker: Firstly, it is always good to take help from a professional broker and facilitator like Alpha InfoLab, Inc., since they are official brokers of all RIRs and will give you the best advice.
  • Seek advice from Broker: The next step is to let the broker understand your business requirement and provide you with an appropriate solution of moving to IPv6 looking at your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Find a buyer: At you can find the right buyer for your valuable IPv4
  • Make profits by selling IPv4: Once you find the right buyer, you can place your IPv4 for sale and make profits. 
  • Fulfill legal formalities: The broker will guide your company with all legal formalities related to the transfer with ease.
  • Easy and seamless transfer of IPs to the buyer: IPv4s are seamlessly transferred to the buyer. 
  • Complete smooth Transition: With the help of the broker, you can complete the smooth transition to IPv6. You can also choose to buy IPv6 private addresses. 
  • IPv6 address allocation: Alpha InfoLab, Inc. makes sure IPv6 address allocation is made for the company. 
  • When your company decides to convert IPv4 address to IPv6, it is advisable you only go through a broker like Alpha InfoLab, Inc(How to convert IPv4 to IPv6).
  • Advantages of using Alpha InfoLab, Inc’s broker services are:
  • You will be safe from fraud websites
  • Use exchange platform, an interactive portal to sell or buy IPv4s
  • Assured sale of clean IPv4s within same RIR or inter-RIR
  • Follow all required procedures laid down by RIR’s
  • Easy transfer of IPs
  • Provide assessment of existing IPv4 network
  • To provide an IPv6 solution to clients that reduces the client’s overhead costs and scale IPv6 in their IT infrastructure
  • Make sure that IPv6 allocated follows a minimum allocation size of /32
  • Proper management of reverse lookup zone
  • A good professional broker like Alpha InfoLab, Inc. will provide you with 24/7 support and aftercare support.
  • Clients have the advantage of using additional Web Hosting and Web Server services and many more services.

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6
Apart from the above advantages of moving beyond IPv4s on through Alpha InfoLab, Inc., clients can use many other services of Alpha InfoLab, Inc. like Digital Marketing, Web Development, App Development, Content Management, Affiliate Marketing and much more(How to convert IPv4 to IPv6). For queries on transitioning to IPv6 or selling your IPv4s,
speak to our IP specialists now
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