How to earn from IPv4 ?

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Your business has IPv4 blocks for sale, can you sell IPv4s? Yes, most definitely you can sell IPv4s securely and earn from them too. 

The IPv4 market is very large but only very few trusted brokers can facilitate the buy and sale process. This is where comes in; it has a robust IPv4 sales process which makes sure the IPv4 resellers can earn profits. 

How to sell IPv4 addresses
1.  Registration: 
2.  Document Verification and Checking: 
  • Documents are verified and checked by administrator
  • Your ownership of the IPv4 blocks is also verified and checked by the administrator. 
  • Check if the range of the IP, check if it is clean, if not get the IP cleaned
  • The buyer also checks and reviews the IPs
3.  NDA and APA signed:
  • Both the buyer and seller sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for confidentiality
  • Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) is duly signed by the buyer and seller when the buyer is ready to buy the IPv4s
4.  Deal Accepted and payment made by Buyer:
  • The buyer will then accept the deal they are willing to buy and an invoice is generated by the administrator which is displayed to the buyer
  • Once the buyer makes the payment using the ESCROW account, the seller receives the payment information from the administrator. 
5.  Transfer requests of IPs from RIR/LIR/NIR:
  • The seller can then proceed to request a transfer of IPs from the RIR/LIR/NIR portal with the required documents. The generated ticket number is shared by the seller to the administrator
  • The administrator then asks the buyer to contact the RIR/LIR/NIR by requesting a transfer of IPs from the seller quoting the ticket number provided by the seller. 
6.  Transfer of IPs:
  • The RIR/LIR/NIR can take from 1 to 3 weeks to transfer the IPs from seller to buyer. 
  • The RIR/LIR/NIR updates its online list with buyer information
  • Buyer confirms receipt of IPs to ESCROW
  • ESCROW releases payment to administrator and seller
  • The administrator releases payment to the seller

the whole process of IPv4 sale is smoothly and transparently completed through Alpha InfoLab Inc., which is the official broker of and ultimately the seller earns profits from the process.

Another big advantage of using is that its administrators know how the RIRs, LIR, and NIRs work and provide 24/7 support and communication to both the buyer and the seller. 

Speak to our IP experts today and sell IPv4 addresses 
to earn profits for your company. 

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