How to find IPv4 address for your growing business?

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How to find IPv4 address? You are a business startup or an entrepreneur or a small/medium business and are looking to expand your business online through email marketing campaigns, then you may need multiple IPs (How to find IPv4 address).

How to earn from IPv4?

But why multiple IPs?

  • Expanding your business using email marketing requires multiple IPs, especially if you have to send bulk emails at certain times, using only one IP to do that will not only burden your IP address but your emails may not reach your audience on time(How to find IPv4 address).
  • Using more IPs to send promotional emails will also help you to segregate different audiences and can maintain a spik and span IP reputation.
  • When you opt to buy IP blocks, you have an advantage over your competitors, as your email deliverability is better and guaranteed, unlike when you had just one IP address (How to find IPv4 address).

However, getting clean IP addresses can be tricky especially if you do not know where to find IPv4 address? Who to approach? and What is the procedure behind acquiring IPs? This is where an official facilitator and broker of IPv4s comes into the picture, that helps businesses buy, sell or lease IPs.

RIPE Proceeds Towards IPv4 Dry Up

how to find IPv4 address

How to get an IPv4 address?

It is essential to understand that buying dedicated IPv4s is a better option than leasing since you have full control of the IPs and are unlikely to possess bad reputed IPs since the IPv4 broker has pre-screened the IPs you are going to buy.

When will IPv4 be phased out as they are running out rapidly?

The following are the points one needs to understand before one proceeds with buying IPs:
  • The broker acts as a bridge between the seller and you (the buyer of IPs).
  • The job of the broker is not only to initiate a sale of the IPs to you but also to first understand your requirement meaning the purpose you require the IPs for and accordingly provide suggestions that will make your business better in the future, like transitioning to IPv6 from IPv4.
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  • The broker makes sure that the seller is genuine and has IPs registered in any of the five RIRs (Regional Internet Registry), namely RIPE, APNIC, AFRINIC, LACNIC, and ARIN).
  • You can also opt to buy IPs privately if you want to keep the deal confidential.
  • Would you want fresh IPs or usable IPs? If you are a gaming site or casino site, for example, you require faster IPs for your future business growth, it is worthwhile if you buy usable IPs rather than fresh IPs since they are economical.
  • The broker initiates and follows all regulations and all the necessary procedures until you have possession of the IPs.

Still, have doubts or have queries on how to find usable IP addresses. Connect with our IP experts of and get the best IPv4 solution to efficiently and systematically grow your business now.

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