IoT Market Worth $106 Billion by 2026, Adopt IPv6 to Capture the IoT Market

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Internet of Things or IoT as it is popularly known as one of the fastest-growing industries. IoT works only on IPv6 addresses, meaning IPv4 is not going to be helpful here. In July 2021, Markets and Markets data reveals that the IoT market will be worth $106.1 billion by the year 2026. That is just five years from now. (IPv6 to Capture the IoT market)

Is your business ready to capture the IoT market yet?

IoT is an advanced technology that brings major devices to connect with each other over a high-speed internet network. Google home alone has an IoT market share of 48%. Currently, on average, there are 10 connected devices at home, this may rise to 50 by 2022.

We are not just talking about IoT for the home. Here we can widen the IoT spectrum to include industries. Industrial IoT is where every industrial machinery is able to interact with each other over the internet.

What is the future of IIoT?

IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things may seem like a concept from a sci-fi movie, where every industrial gadget around the world is interacting. In 2021, we are no different from the people from star trek, except for the elaborate face extensions and sleek outfits. People are connected from anywhere and everywhere. We are working remotely, and we need IoT technology to provide location-independent services. IoT has consumer and industrial capabilities that need to be explored. (IPv6 to Capture the IoT market)

According to a report by Gartner, IoT can set the course for industries to be able to remotely access industrial factories. Skilled workers would work remotely and still be part of the running of manufacturing plants. The industrial sector needs to evolve and adapt IoT and cloud-based solutions if the pandemic continues for another 2 to 5 years or other disasters deter the workforce from coming to work and lose jobs.

So, IPv6 is integral to all these aspects. If you are an industrial unit, are you prepared for another pandemic to stop your production? IPv6 and IoT can change the course of future industries, from being location-driven to becoming mobile-driven. Industries need to adopt IoT in order to enable remote support technologies, contactless or password-less access. These can be done by using IoT sensors or NFC (near field communication) enabled smart cards, smart wearables, and more. All these may be required for everyday use to unlock restricted areas, operating elevators, vending machines, A/Cs, heating systems, and more.

Have you thought about IoT in the healthcare industry or the Defence industry? For example, smart beacon accessibility comes under IoT. Smart beacons transmit signals and are usually battery-operated. When connected over IPv6, the battery life is saved. Smart beacons can be easily accessed using Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, meaning they are highly scalable and portable. (IPv6 to Capture the IoT market)

Industries need IoT solutions that make tasks easy and quick. However, the real problem the world is facing right now is that industrial businesses are reluctant to move from IPv4 to IPv6.

Benefits of combining IoT and IPv6 | IPv6 to Capture the IoT market

  1. IPv6 provides a streamlined remote access of IoT devices.
  2. Capablility to manage large fleet of IoT devices.
  3. IPv6 is easily configured to work with multiple advanced technologies simultaneously. That includes IoT, Cloud, 5G and more.
  4. Improves and reduces the battery life of IoT devices.
  5. Full integration with IoT devices anywhere in the world.

We need to think of a worst-case scenario of climate change that forces us to stay indoors without being able to go to work for many days. What if we are on Snowpiercer, and Melanie could have remotely accessed the research station from the Snowpiercer train itself? Do you get the drift?

In a fast-changing environment, we need IoT solutions that are environment-friendly as well as future-ready.

Alpha InfoLan helps with transition from IPv4 over to IPv6:

Ok, now you are serious about the transition from IPv4 over to IPv6. Alpha InfoLab is one of the best and leading facilitators of sales and purchases of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and has your back. At Alpha InfoLab, our specialized and professional team assist you to make the complete infrastructure and network transition to IPv6. The transition is smooth and seamless. For more information on a customized IPv6 solution, connect.

Sell IPv4 addresses on

You may wonder what happens to the IPv4 addresses you own after your business makes the transition to IPv6? You have two options:

  • Sell IPv4 addresses: When you looking to sell IPv4 space, you will earn revenue or income that can be diverted towards your move to IPv6. This is ideal when you do not really have any use of IPv4 addresses.
  • Lease IPv4 addresses: You may want to provide to businesses who have IPv4 address leasing needs, which gives you steady income. Leasing your IPv4 space/address blocks is a viable option if you want to cover operational costs with this amount.(IPv6 to Capture the IoT market)

You can sell or lease IPv4 addresses on, an IPv4 exchange platform by Alpha InfoLab. At, you can buy dedicated IP addresses, if your business needs IPv4 for testing or bulk mailing or providing hosting solutions to clients.


When you make the decision to adopt IPv6, you are ready to move forward. You may need to redefine your values, mission, and vision for your business. You may also need to reset your goals to include IPv6 and IoT in your company’s future plans.

IoT and IPv6 will pave the way to more amalgamation of future technologies that will change your business model. Alpha InfoLab and can give your business a head start. Whether you want to buy/sell/lease IPv4 and to move to IPv6 infrastructure, we have you covered. Out customized and agile IP address solutions will make you IPv6 and IoT-ready.

Embark on a profitable future for your IoT and IPv6-enables business with Alpha InfoLab today.

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