IP Address Leasing – Monetize For Long-term Business Revenue

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IP address leasing can help your business generate long-term recurring revenue. If you are a business that possesses clean IP addresses or IP blocks, then IP address leasing is a better option for you, rather than selling your IPs.

IP addresses are an important part of our daily lives, especially when it comes to businesses. Your business is thriving because of the growing internet and IPv4 shortage.

There are a lot of businesses that cannot afford to buy IPv4 addresses, rather they have a budget to lease IP addresses. IPv4.deals receives hundreds of inquiries from businesses around the world asking for IPv4s for lease.

The price of IPv4 addresses has soared to hover between $30 – $36 per IP. This upward trend is expected to continue till the IPv4 shortage continues and IPv6 address adoption does not fully happen. However, it can be said that IPv4 address shortage has created a sustainable internet network, but taken the market price of IP upwards. Businesses with a low budget can only lease IPs.

Does your business need IP leasing?

If you look back some years back, IP leasing was not considered a very good option. However, the IP address prices have hit the sky roof. Businesses are relying on a more sustainable and cost-effective option, like IP leasing.

There are some businesses that work wonderfully when they lease IPv4 addresses. Some of them are:

  1. VPN and Hosting Services
  2. Live Streaming portals and platforms
  3. Testing websites
  4. Bulk Email Marketing
  5. Remote Desktop support due to increase in the latest need to work-from-home and more.

Why should your company lease IP addresses?

IP leasing has many benefits for the lessor as well as for the lessee:

Lessor – Benefits of IP Leasing:

  • The biggest benefit of IP leasing is to generate revenue for your business for a long term.
  • Earn recurring income from leasing.
  • A crash crunch could be eased with infusion of instant cash into the business.
  • You can use the income generated by IP leasing to make the transition to IPv6.
  • Contribute towards having a healthy flow of IP addresses.
  • Enabling IP resources to enter the Secondary IP Marketplace.
  • Helps businesses to scale operations.
  • Alleviate the strain on the internet network with the multiplying number of devices.

Lesse – Benefits of IP Leasing: 

  • Lower cost for the IP lessee, than buying IP addresses.
  • Low losses for the lessee, as you can leave the lease and upgrade to IPv6 anytime.
  • Usually Lessee’s need fewer IP addresses and do not need entire blocks.  
  • Lessee’s enjoy Private address.
  • You minimize risk of IP blacklisting due to abuse or spam.
  • Acquire IPs quickly instead of waiting for RIRs to allocate IP addresses for months or years.
  • Helps in making a smooth transition for businesses that may want to embrace the new internet era of IoT.

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IP address Leasing vs Selling

IP leasing brings a steady flow of revenue, in the long run, even doubling the revenue, whereas, selling will give you a huge chunk of money, which may be utilized in things that your business does not need.

IP leasing has shown a rise of 43% in annual revenue for businesses, whereas, selling just gives you a 25% increase in one-time revenue.

Therefore, take help from a reputed broker that provides IPv4 lease services like IPv4.deals. IPv4.deals will help your business with IPv4 leasing for short and long-Term use. Our IP experts will also understand your need, and advise you on whether your business needs IP leasing or selling.


As you now know the benefits of IP leasing, your business must definitely think about this option, whether you own IPv4 address space or are in need of IPv4s to rent.

IPv4.deals is a team of passionate IP experts who understand the IPv4 marketplace. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the market and have deep connections within the marketspace. We are proud to collaborate with other Brokers and facilitate with RIRs to bring our customers the best IP address solutions. For more information on how IPv4.deals can help your business, connect with our team.

Also read Frequently Asked Question on IPv4.deals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is IP address monetization?

IP address monetization lets your business lease IP addresses to other businesses that are in need. Along the way, you also generate long-term revenue for your business that is recurring in nature.

How do I monetize my IP address? How to Monetize IP?

You can monetize your IP address by leasing your IPs through a reputed broker and facilitator, IPv4.deals.

What is DHCP lease?

DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol lease is a very short-term or temporary lease of IP addresses to a device on the network.

Why are IP addresses leased or rented?

Different businesses have different needs. Renting or leasing IPv4 space enables a business to have their own private IP addresses, without paying for the actual price of the IP addresses. The lease contract will specify the duration of the lease and yet helps the lessor to keep all the rights of the IP address.

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