IPv4 Market Price set to rise, IP Leasing and IPv6 could bring prices down

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Every futuristic government or company makes a 5-year plan where they set goals and accordingly devise ways or methods to reach those goals (IPv4 Market Price set to rise). In the same way the IPv4 Market Price is predicted to see a rise of nearly 100% in the next 5 years, how are companies preparing for this rise in price is the question? 

(Source: Electronics Products and Technology / ept.ca)

Simpler router task with IPv6 than IPv4



According to technology experts, IPv4s are going to around for another 10 years which makes it vital for companies to create ways to capitalize on the remaining IPv4s that are in possession. If IPv4 prices rise, they may not be many to buy those IPs, hence something concrete needs to be done (IPv4 Market Price set to rise).

IPv4 Market Price set to rise, IP Leasing and IPv6 could bring prices down


There are a couple of ways to bring down the IPv4 prices:


  1. Focus on IP Leasing: 

Many IP Brokers and Exchange Platform for IPv4s usually are more into selling IPv4 addresses or purchase of IP addresses, yet this could be the reason why IP prices keep rising and not many buyer companies come forward to purchase IP blocks, since buying IPs for many could be an expensive affair. That is where IP Leasing must be your second plan of action, convert your ‘not interested in buying’ attitude to ‘I want to lease IPs’ attitude (IPv4 Market Price set to rise).

Facts to Know before Entering the IPv4 Marketplace


Benefits of IP Leasing: 
  • Lower cost 
  • Low losses when you leave the lease and upgrade to IPv6
  • Need few IP addresses 
  • Enjoy Private address 


  1. Upgrade to IPv6: 

IPv4 to IPv6 conversion is another way to bring prices down. When transition to IPv6 happens, you immediately become an IPv4 seller and you can do bidding for IPv4 to sell or lease through the best exchange platform for IPv4


There are many benefits of IPv6 for companies, like:


  1. Join IPv6 network with other giants like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to transform your current redundant infrastructure to a robust and modern one in order to reach potential audiences who in future will be using IoT devices, driving Smart Cars, living in Smart homes, using Smart gadgets that only run on IPv6.
  2. IPv6 Transition can be made in phases for your company with cost-effective solutions to meet your budget, so it won’t burden you financially, speak to our IPv6 experts to know more. 
  3. Bigger IP address blocks than IPv4s 
  4. Managing IP networks is easier, simpler and more secure
  5. IP header is simple and expandable
  6. Better and secure communication between end users is established 
  7. In-built IP Security that encrypts all data 


It is very much possible however to be confused whether to buy or lease or upgrade to IPv6, for this reason alone Alpha Infolab has made it our mission to educate and bring awareness about the benefits of shifting to IPv6 from IPv4. Speak to our IP experts today to discuss on improving your company’s future.

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