IPv4 Subnetting And VLAN Task

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IPv4 Subnetting and VLAN have made the life of an administrator far easier and smoother in managing a large network in an organization that is spread across cities or countries  (IPv4subnetting and VLAN Task).

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What is Subnetting?

Subnetting allows a Network Administrator to create or split smaller networks out of a large network using a router. Subnetting is a network layer (OSI layer 3).

IPv4 subnetting and VLAN Task

Benefits of Subnetting?

There are quite a few subnetting benefits like:

Public IPv4 addresses can be freed up from congestion
Limit the number of IP addresses used in a network
Enhanced Network security
Better Network Design Segmentation
Easier Network Management
Channelize targeted data transfer to small broadcasts Better and efficient routing

What is a VLAN?

VLAN or Virtual LAN in computer network uses switch configuration to broadcast domains by virtual partition or grouping of devices. The router on stick enables communication of inter VLAN. VLAN tagging helps in handling and recognizing more than one VLAN on a port. VLANs work on the data link layer (OSI layer 2).

Benefits of VLANs:
Improves Network performance
Improve the security of Network and Devices
Location barriers are eliminated by creating Access Ports and Trunk Ports
Easy port configurations to simplify management
Easy to channelize and manage traffic flow

Why are companies hesitant in deciding between IPv4 and IPv6?

Now the traffic you may get on your website or network is all different, hence, your VLAN must be equipped to channelize all this traffic. Let us take a look at all the types of VLAN:

  1. Default VLAN
  2. Data VLAN – traffic coming from user-generated content like feedbacks or comments, etc.
  3. Native VLAN – traffic coming and not coming from a VLAN
  4. Management VLAN – Only authorized company management or personnel can come through this
  5. Voice VLAN – VOIP calls or traffic coming from voice searches

Are you confused about Subnetting and VLANs? Not sure which is better for your network? Are you new to all this or not sure how subnet mask calculation is done? Finding a good network administrator to manage your company’s network can be difficult and expensive. This is where Alpha InfoLab comes in, with in-house technical expertise and high-tech infrastructure to determine what works for your network at present and in the future. We provide managed Network services, 24/7 Customer Support, IPv4 subnetting, VLAN configuration, VLAN trunking, Security against VLAN hopping attack, help in the transition from IPv4 to IPv6, sell IPv4s (Official Brokers of RIRs) to generate revenue and much more (IPv4 subnetting and VLAN Task).

Our team at Alpha InfoLab will use an advanced subnet calculator based on the needs of your network to determine the broadcast address, subnet, etc. and provide you with a flexible and scalable solution. Speak to our Network Administrators today to point you in the right direction (IPv4 subnetting and VLAN Task).

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