IPv6 is used less than 1% of the networks, IPv4 is used remaining 99%.

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It is safe to say that nearly 75% or may be more of the global population do not know about IPv6. It is largely because the IPv4 to IPv6 conversion mostly happens at the ISP level (Best Exchange Platform for IPv4).

Facts to Know before Entering the IPv4 Marketplace

However, there are many ISPs who have not taken the leap to IPv6. Less than 1% of networks around the world have IPv6, while 99% are still using IPv4. There are many underlying reasons for this (Best Exchange Platform for IPv4).

Best Exchange Platform for IPv4

The top three reasons stopping ISPs and large businesses from shifting to IPv6 and the solutions suggested by Alpha InfoLab are presented below:

  • IPv6, a costly affair: 

IPv6 seems to be a costly affair for ISPs and organizations and that is why they seem to be happy with the way things are going. Yet, they are unable to see the future, the internet is expanding at an exponential pace and if you do not catch up sooner or later your business is doomed (Best Exchange Platform for IPv4). 


Some large organizations, like Alpha InfoLab have however tried to go around this problem by using Dual Stack technology, where IPv4 and IPv6 co-exist. With this technology, you can reach out to your customers who are already on IPv6 (ISP is IPv6 enabled) and also to those who are still on IPv4. 

Speak to our IP and networking experts for more information on this.

IPv4 or IPv6, Which is better for Gaming?


  • Lack of awareness about IPv6 advantages

Many organizations lack awareness about IPv6 and IPv4 and how shifting to IPv6 can bring them better business opportunities, reach out to potential leads, have a higher chance in the SERP results, since Google, Yahoo are already on IPv6, so they track and rank IPv6 enabled websites first.


Is your website IPv6 enabled? If not then here’s your chance to join the big league, speak to our Network specialists today for a customized solution.


  • Unsure about existing IPv4 blocks:

Ok fine, if you are going to shift from IPv4 to IPv6, then what happens to your IPv6 address blocks?


We have a solution for you. Alpha InfoLab being an official broker and facilitator of IPv4, has the 
best exchange platform for IPv4, where IPv4 sellers can place their offer with a lucrative IPv4 Market Price, buyers can do bidding for IPv4 or contact us directly to mediate negotiation, after our vetting process and required approvals from the concerned RIRs, the buyer pays the fees to the RIR and the IP blocks are transferred from the seller to the buyer and this is the most seamless and transparent way the seller can sell and buyer can purchase IP Blocks.


It is important to understand how IPv4.deals will help you in selling IPv4 addresses and the potential you will achieve with adopting IPv6 for your business, to maximize profits like never before. So, are you ready to increase your sales and improve your ROI? Now is the time, so get in touch with our IP experts today for a solution that can be integrated with your existing infrastructure.


Why are companies hesitant in deciding between IPv4 and IPv6?


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