IPv6 set to give wings to the grounded airline industry

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So, the pandemic has left many industries reeling all over the world and one of the most badly hit is the Tourism Industry, Hospitality, and the Travel Industry since they are interdependent. In the travel industry, the Airlines have been hit the most, since domestic and international flights have been grounded in many countries except for repatriation efforts (IPv6 set to give wings to the airline industry ).

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IPv6 set to give wings to the airline industry

However, the airline industry could be in for some surprises due to efforts by the AEEC (Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee) and ARINC-IA. They were supposed to meet with some industry leaders from May 12, 2020 – May 14, 2020, and the meeting was being hosted by American Airlines, but due to the pandemic, the meeting has gone virtual now. The agenda of the meeting will look at many new aviation standards and what popped right out was the Draft 7 of the AFRINIC project paper on the Roadmap for IPv6 transition for Aviation (IPv6 set to give wings to the airline industry ). This means the aviation industry will look towards IPv6 enabled and supported data communication and safety services and products for air to ground to space-based support where the AFRINIC is working jointly with IPS (Internet Protocol Suite), IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).


So, what does the future look like with IPv6 in Aviation?

IPv6 being in a transitional phase could bring a world of change to the way airlines communicate with each other and with the ground, even faster and safer. IPv6 will continue to work with IPv4 until a complete transition takes place. So, many stakeholders will require IPv6 to support the aviation industry as a backbone and bypass the delaying intermediate steps to provide seamless and secure communication and connectivity (IPv6 set to give wings to the airline industry ).

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What happens to IPv4’s?

Companies who own IPv4s and would like to upgrade to IPv6 require an Official IPv4 broker and facilitator of RIPE NCC, ARIN, AFRINIC, APNIC and LACNIC to play an important role in helping IPv4 sellers in selling IPv4 addresses and this is possible through a reputed Exchange platform for IPv4. An IPv4 broker also helps in securing a fair IPv4 Market Price for the seller as well as make sure that the IPv4 buyer gets to do fair bidding for IPv4. 


We hope that like the IPv6 will give the aviation industry a ray of hope to bounce back from the pandemic aftermath, IPv6 will help other industries spring back to life and make businesses more profitable in the long run especially when world economies are trying to improve moving forward.

IPv4 Market Price set to rise, IP Leasing and IPv6 could bring prices down


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