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After the dawn of the pandemic, the world and its businesses are slowly shifting their business interests from China. With the current IT environment facing uncertainty in business waters in China, many businesses are looking for equivalent and reliant geo locations and the closest and cost-effective partner country is India. Latest in news to shift 20% of its production power base from China to India is Apple and many are following suite ( Data partitioning guidance).

Data partitioning guidance

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Another area which online businesses who are leaping to this opportunity to exit China are who are looking for an alternate website 
Data Center as co-location solution. This shift in trend is very evident in the pouring number of enquiries at Alpha VBox’s Customer Services since the ned of March 2020. Businesses are eager to move their business servers to better and stable Data Center facilities ( Data partitioning guidance).

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The Data Center Business is an important part of the IT environment and choosing the right Linux web hosting server is crucial for your business in the future. To make your decision making easier we have laid down a few guiding points:


  1. Data Center Strategy: Data Center Strategy is an important pointer for deciding a hosting partner. A hosting partner must be able to give your business a Data Centre and Colocation strategic guide as a contingency plan. In case one location is unable to function, their servers in a different location must be able to host your website providing uninterrupted accessibility of your website to your visitors ( Data partitioning guidance).
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    Data Partitioning Guidance:

     The best unlimited hosting services providers will make sure that your website is hosting on a server that can have data stored in a partitioning fashion. Meaning the data is distributed and saved in server portioning. A very good example of this is KVM VPS Hosting or Kernel Virtual Machine where your business data is encrypted and provides top-notch security, high performing and efficient servers, so that your website is always available with 100% uptime guaranteed.

  3. Data Center Locations

    : We have talked earlier about the importance of choosing an online Linux hosting services partner which has servers in different locations, like in the case of Alpha VBox. Alpha VBox has physical servers in India and the US, giving it an advantage of providing 365 days server uptime and 100% security to all business clients.

  4. Cloud Server and Hosting: Apart from looking at physical server locations, one must also look at the various cloud server and hosting options provided by the cheap Linux server hosting you choose. Cloud Hosting gives your business website scalability and accessibility. 
  5. Encryption and Security

    With website relocation to a different server can come with some difficulties like if the new location of the server is secure or not. Is the location prone to adverse weather conditions or is the server location unsafe like frequent intruding or burglaries etc. Security and data encryption are the essence of a robust server hosting and Alpha VBox embodies it all. You need not worry any more about data breaches or server malfunction or malware or hacking anymore, with Alpha VBox your website and business data is protected with multi-level encryption and security protocols. 

  6. 24/7 Customer Support:

     Many times, you could require to speak to a customer service executive of the Cheap website hosting servers services company but could face issue like the executive is unavailable or does not have the knowledge to solve your problem. That is why it is of utmost importance that the hosting server you choose provides 24/7 customer support to address the problems of any client from any location around the world. Getting help from knowledgeable and experienced customer service executives also can help you get your solutions promptly. 

  7. Affordable Hosting solutions: 

    Unlimited web hosting plans give you the flexibility to integrate your existing business infrastructure. A competitive pricing server plan gives your business to set aside a budget for contingencies too. 


When you decide to buy Server Hosting or looking for a safe and secure data center then the above guidelines will help you choose the best that suits your budget as well as your future plans of business expansion. So, keep an open mind, vet for the best and go with it as it will satisfy your business goals in the long run.

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