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Christmas is close on the heels and so is New Year 2020, and IPv4 Addresses have had quite a good year with the Purchase and sale of IPv4 Address Blocks (Latest Deal in IPv4 Address).

Many unused IPs were sold, bought and leased through Official Brokers of RIRs like Alpha InfoLab Inc., where is the official marketplace for Alpha InfoLab. (Latest Deal in IPv4 Address) This is where one needs to buy IPv4 blocks. Buyers, Sellers, Lessee and Lessor come to our marketplace to get the best IP deals. Why are companies hesitant in deciding between IPv4 and IPv6?

Check out our latest deals with Limited time offer with lowest 
IPv4 block price ever:

1. /22 Block to Buy APNIC registered

2. /22 Block to Lease APNIC registered you can also check out other IP deals on our Exchange Platform. (Latest Deal in IPv4 Address) To inquire about the cost of IP Address Block, you can connect with our IP Address Specialist now.

latest deal in ipv4


Who can Buy IP Address Block
It is important to note that any company whose business is online and is connected to the internet, requires IP address blocks. Some of the popular businesses are listed below:
  • Email Marketing – One requires a mailing address to receive an email, and for that one also needs an IP address. If a business is planning to send or already sends bulk emails to its recipients, then it requires IP blocks that are dedicated to just send emails. 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce Businesses 
  • Blog sites
  • Affiliate Marketing sites
  • Businesses who want to rank higher on SERP sites
  • Connect to Mobile Devices – IPv4 is not compatible, whereas IPv6 is compatible. 
  • Businesses who require Dedicated IPs, especially if they want their website to have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate (small data files) which makes sure the connection between the business website and the webserver is encrypted with a cryptographic key, and the data transfer is secure and from hackers, etc. 
  • Casino and Gaming Websites
Apart from the above mentioned any business that may require IP blocks for internal Network connection is eligible to 
purchase IP Block

IPv4 or IPv6, Which is Better for Gaming?

The cost of IPv4 has over the years appreciated, from $6 per IP in 2015 to $17 per IP in 2018 and to $21 in 2019. So, this is the golden opportunity to earn revenue from selling your unused clean IPs, it is the right time to sell your IPs at our IPv4 marketplace
Why go through a Broker like Alpha InfoLab Inc.?

A Broker is an official facilitator to help the seller sell their IP blocks to a genuine buyer. They are vital in connecting the right seller with the buyer of IPv4 and make sure that both the buyer and seller are vetted thoroughly and follow an approved Sale Process which requires many regulators to monitor the entire process. 

So, if you have been thinking of expanding your business online, then you are in dire need of IP blocks. And that is where Alpha InfoLab comes in, we make sure your business is always connected and reach the online audience through clean IP blocks, whether they are IPv4 or IPv6.
The scenario of IPv6 in 2019 vs scenario of IPv6 in 2020
Is it time to move on to IPv6?

Though IPv6 came into being in 2012, yet has not been able to make a hold for itself. However, Alpha InfoLab has taken up this responsibility to educate and spread awareness about the advantages of IPv6 for the future of the internet and for the future of your business to grow. 

Another very important point to note is to check if your company website is IPv6 compatible. You can do a quick 
IPv6 Compatibility test
 to see the version of IP your ISP has provided. Having your website hosted on an IPv6 server gives you a huge advantage over your competitors who are still on the IPv4 server. 

For example, if your IPv4 hosted business does bulk email, then you may have experienced that many Gmail recipients do not receive your emails, which amounts to almost 80% of your recipients since only Google as a domain is IPv6 compatible. Since your IPv4 network cannot communicate with the IPv6 network of Gmail. (Latest Deal in IPv4 Address) However, if you take IPv6 hosting service, then you have the highest email deliverability rate from Google. Same goes for Google ranking, your IPv6 enabled website is prioritized by Google on the SERP pages, so your website will be quicker to appear on the SERP pages when someone searches for your kind of service on Google’s browser.

Your business needs to look upwards, if you aim to reach your goals and targets quicker, an IPv6 compatible website is a way to go. Still have questions or want to talk about it in detail, we are just a call away or you can also email us today. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s connect and expand to generate revenue for your business together.


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