Maximize your website and server performance with IPv6

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IPv4 is the past and IPv6 is the future and fundamental protocol the supports the internet. Are businesses ready to embrace IPv6 into their IT infrastructure? Better late than never. Yes, your business must move to IPv6 today for a better, faster, and safe website. Your business performance in the future is guaranteed to excel compared to your competitors, your business has galore of possibilities to maximize sales and profits (Maximize website and server performance with IPv6). 


When you upgrade to IPv6 your business will be able to take advantage of the following: 

  1. Your server will see a boost in performance

  2. 100% website uptime and lower latency

  3. Better security and encrypted data

  4. Dedicated Website IPv6 Monitoring

  5. Modern Networking makes sure your business is ready for 5G, Cloud, and more. 


Recently, at the all-digital WWDC or Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 hosted by Apple shared the steps for business owners to do on App and server to provide the best user experience to all Apple users. Below are some of the suggestions:


  1. Apple has made it mandatory from June 1 2020 that all Apps submitted on App Store must support IPv6-only networking and dropping IPv4. 

  2. It is your responsibility now that your server must be IPv6 enabled to make sure that your users have the best experience while using your website and App. 

  3. IPv6 has1.4 times faster connection setup than IPv4 because NAT (Network Address Translation) usage is lower now and routing has improved. 

  4. Nearly 26% of Apple users connected in June 2020 used IPv6 connection 


When you conduct the IPv6 Test vs IPv4, you will clearly see that IPv6 has far more advantages than IPv4. It is very important however that your ISP also must support IPv6, so make sure you take services of an ISP that is already using IPv6. Like at Alpha InfoLab, all our servers and client’s business servers run on IPv6, so our client websites are faster and more secure (Maximize website and server performance with IPv6). 


Now, that you are ready to move towards IPv6, you can buy/rent/lease IPv6 easily through Alpha InfoLab where our server experts will help you with IPv6 setup in your existing infrastructure (Maximize website and server performance with IPv6). 


Alpha InfoLab also helps in selling your IPv4s. You can easily generate revenue when you make a sale/ lease/rent your existing IPs of IPv4 through Alpha InfoLab that is a reputed IPv4 Broker Service Provider of ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, AFRINIC, and LACNIC. You can register on the IPv4 auction platform where you can make offers and quotes as a seller. Alpha InfoLab will make sure it adheres to all guidelines of RIRs, will find a genuine buyer, and will provide guaranteed support and best service. 


For more information on IPv6 and how it can help in maximizing your website and server performance or if you want to sell or acquire USA IPs IPv4 IPv6 or European IPs IPv4 IPv6 or any other regional IPs, speak to our experts today. 

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