Scenario of IPv6 in 2019 vs scenario of IPv6 in 2020

Goodbye 2019 and Welcome 2020!! Yet internet experts have daunting questions about (Scenario Of IPv6 In 2019 vs 2020) IPv6 adoption in 2020.
The option of transition from IPv4 to IPv6 has been undoubtedly instrumental in accelerating the popularity of IPv6. (Scenario Of IPv6 In 2019 vs 2020) The major concern in IPv4 is the lack of adaptation towards the rising demand for more internet addresses and unable to support the growing use of
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and dependency on IoT (Internet of Things)
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It is vital that major and minor ISPs (Internet Service Providers) across the globe take the prominent step towards converting their network to IPv6. Unless this happens more widely and unanimously, the question of when will IPv4 go away? (
Scenario Of IPv6 In 2019 vs 2020) Is bound to loom over us.

As a website owner, many businesses can have many queries like:

When will IPv6 be fully implemented? 

IPv6 implementation largely depends on the ISPs or website hosting providers. (Scenario Of IPv6 In 2019 vs 2020) If your ISP is not IPv6 compatible, then it is high time you shift to a website hosting provider that already is IPv6 enabled like Alpha VBox, here you can also get in touch with their experts to get your website an IPv6 compatibility Test.

When will IPv6 replace IPv4?

IPv6 will slowly replace IPv4, but that really depends on businesses worldwide, unless they themselves do not start using IPv6 for their websites, (Scenario Of IPv6 In 2019 vs 2020) the road from IPv4 to IPv6 seems painstakingly long. 

Is IPv6 expensive?

IPv6 setup can be expensive, but this step is vital. (
Scenario Of IPv6 In 2019 vs 2020) Yet a good and reputed
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with dual-stack technology will make sure that your initial setup costs are drastically minimized and you are able to enjoy higher SERP rankings and your website is easily searchable by both customers using IPv4 and IPv6. 

Why the delay of IPv6 implementation in 2020?

IPv6 implementation is delayed partly due to NAT (Network Address Translation) which reuses IPv4 addresses for enhanced security.

Scenario of IPv6 in 2019 VS scenario of IPv6 in 2020

The scenario of IPv6 in 2019 vs scenario of IPv6 in 2020:

Nonetheless, when you look at IPv6 history and the scenario of IPv6 in 2019its popularity was pretty good since there are very few ISP’s of countries around the world that have adopted IPv6 and have benefited from it. ISP’s of countries that have done IPv6 adoption in 2019 according to Google is Germany – 49.54%, Greece – 46.91%, Malaysia – 43.02%, US – 39.84%, India – 38.77%, etc. Business websites that are using services of IPv6 adopted ISP’s have seen rapid sales increase and business expansion.

According to projections of IPv6 done by Erik Vyncke, the worldwide IPv6 adoption was really good at 23.5% in 2019 and the scenario of IPv6 in 2020 is projected to increase by 52%. Hence, moving to IPv6 is a wise decision for companies who have a progressive business vision to grow exponentially. 

How to upgrade to IPv6 in 2020?

At Alpha InfoLab, we are determined to provide IPv6 solutions to websites using advanced IPv4 to IPv6 translation tool. 
Visit our Contact Page to connect with our IP experts today. 

What happens to your IPv4s in 2020? 

Don’t worry, your IPv4s can generate revenue for your business in 2020 by selling IPv4s on Alpha InfoLab’s IP Marketplace, Where, Alpha InfoLab is an official Broker and Facilitator for ARIN, RIPE NCC, LACNIC, and APNIC. 

The major advantages of going through us are that our Dual-Stack solutions will:

  1. Make your business website visible and easily accessible by a customer using an IPv4 machine as well as by a customer using an IPv6 machine.
  2. Your website has also better chances of crawling on SERP sites, especially Google
  3. Your Email Marketing efforts will see better results since your emails have high deliverability. 

Our solutions are customized based on your Business’s current and future internet needs.

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