Simpler router task with IPv6 than IPv4

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IPv6 is a revolutionary introduction to save the world of internet from slowing down or dying, when IPv4 was seen as a diminishing product. There is a worldwide ignorance about the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4. 


IPv4, the fourth version of the Internet is the most popular than IPv6, the sixth version (Simpler router task with IPv6 than IPv4). There are many reasons why IPv4 is still being used, some of them are listed below:


IPv6 is used by less than 1% of the networks, while IPv4 is still in use by the remaining 99%.


  1. IPv4 is convenient to use
  2. Existence of Secondary IPv4 market where IPv4 buyers are better off selling IPv4 addresses and IPv4 sellers can purchase IP address or on an exchange platform for IPv4
  3. Lack of awareness about IPv6, and more. 


Why make the IPv4 to IPv6 conversion?


There are many reasons why your business is better off on IPv6 than on IPv4, hence, making the transition is crucial for the future of your business. 


  1. There are not enough IPv4 addresses for other devices other than mobile phones, computers and laptops. 
  2. The IoT devices or gadgetry like Smart Appliances, Smart cars, Smart Medical equipment, Smart Houses require an advanced and next generation Internet Protocol like IPv6. 
  3. IPv6 works better for mobile devices than IPv4 does. 
  4. You don’t want to be on the internet protocol that has become obsolete while the rest of the world has upgraded to IPv6. There are many companies who are already on IPv6, namely Google, Yahoo, Alpha InfoLab and more such. With Ipv6 the routing is efficient and also simpler than Ipv4.

    Facts to Know before Entering the IPv4 Marketplace

Let us see how routing in IPv6 is much better than in IPv4:


  1. With IPv6 fewer network node hops, meaning fewer routers or hardware are required for a packet to pass when compared to in IPv4.
  2. IPv6 doesn’t have IP level layer, since it has a simplified header negating the steps for packet process. 
  3. IPv6 has the ability to send out packets to multiple destinations 
  4. There is distributed packets load and bandwidth with IPv6
  5. With IPv6, address is generated partly by host making the entire process of packet transfer quicker. 


How can your business make the upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6?


  1. Firstly, use, the best exchange platform for IPv4 to sell your IPs at a good IPv4 Market Price. 
  2. A buyer can do bidding for your IPv4s. 
  3. Since, Alpha InfoLab is an official broker for RIRs, our IP experts will make sure the entire process of selling your IPv4s is as seamless and transparent as possible and according to the guidelines set by the RIRs. 
  4. Meanwhile our IPv6 experts will assess your current website and infrastructure to make sure your upgrade to IPv6 is smooth by conducting an IPv6 Compatible Test
  5. Our IP experts will provide you with an IPv6 upgrade solution and will initiate the conversion. 

IPv6 Allows For Bigger Payloads Than IPv4

Are you ready to sell your IPv4s and usher in IPv6 for your business? Yes, then what are you waiting for? Speak to our IP specialists to guide you through the entire process

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