Three challenges facing the Internet in 2021

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Everyone is dependent on the internet, whether it be day-to-day activities like online banking transactions or shopping online for groceries or clothes or for entertainment activities like OTT (over the internet) entertainment streams like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. or for staying in touch with family and friends on social media platforms to search for jobs on job portals. Affordable high-speed Internet services have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and the world (IoT devices offering robust IoT security).

Internet companies are now racing to conquer satellite internet and reach places in the world that are still nascent to the world of the internet. Satellite Internet has many pros like accessibility from anywhere on the earth, high-speed connection, and no need to have a phone line. However, there are more cons than outweigh the cons, like very expensive to use, won’t work well in places where clouds cover the area most of the time (like the UK), won’t work or is slow when an object obstructs the signal, limited bandwidth and non-compatible with VPNs.

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Therefore, our reliance on IPv4 and IPv6 is to the maximum keeping in mind internet is an important part of our lives.

Yet, there are challenges that have to be faced by the Internet in 2021: 

  1. IPv4 exhaustion:

The first and foremost problem still facing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large organizations, is the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses.

Solution: There are two solutions to this problem, firstly the ISPs could sell their IPv4 blocks on the IPv4 transfer secondary market on an exchange platform for IPv4 through an official IPv4 broker service provider like Alpha InfoLab. On the exchange platform, sale bidding for IPv4 could fetch the seller anything between $25-$30 per IP. With the demand for IPv4 address space rising, a sale could be a good start for IPv4 sellers to move to IPv6 (IoT devices offering robust IoT security).

Secondly, selling ipv4 addresses will help ISPs to monetize and profit from the sale and divert the profit when you purchase IP addresses or purchase IP blocks in IPv6. When ISPs adopt IPv6, they will help their business customers to magnify their reach to their customers in connecting IoT devices and offering robust IoT security. As a buyer of IPv4, the IPv4 market price is pretty competitive, so if you think you require IPs for testing or bulk email marketing or for any other marketing purpose, then is just the right place to buy or lease IPs at a reasonable rate.

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Cybersecurity Threats:

The other challenge which the internet is facing already is Cybersecurity threats. With work from home being the norm now, many home networks could be targets of hackers and cyber attackers. There have been numerous cases where even supply chains have been targeted by attackers.

Solution: Encryption and high-end security IPv6 and IPv4 protocols must be followed in order to prevent cybersecurity threats.

  1. IoT security:

In IoT devices, the end-users are the ones who fall victim to cyber-attacks, and later the threat could pass on to other end users and the organization itself.

Solution: Hence, it is very important that businesses providing IoT services must make sure that their products and services cannot be compromised. When their systems are robust any unauthorized access is immediately detected and stopped at the root (IoT devices offering robust IoT security).

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