Why is it important to adopt IPv6 policy in your organization?

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It is time that businesses move from IPv4 completely and jumps onto the IPv6 bandwagon. Many companies who have been thinking of shifting or have already shifted from IPv4 to IPv6 still are in the mindset to hold on to IPv4s. But, there are many disadvantages to running your business on both IPv4 and IPv6 (Adopt and enforce IPv6).


Some of the disadvantages of running both IPv4 and IPv6 together are:


  1. It is financially complex to run both IPv4 and IPv6 together

  2. Your networks require quite a lot of maintenance

  3. Complex network support for IPv4 and IPv6

  4. IPv4 is not safer anymore with many data breaches, website hacks, etc.

  5. Higher network latency

  6. Inefficient app performances on IPv4

  7. Traffic analysis to your site may not be accurate


Advantages of running only IPv6 are:


  1. Reduced overall cost

  2. Reduced resources

  3. Simplified Network Management and Support

  4. Simplified Troubleshooting

  5. To be able to manage devices efficiently that only work on IPv6

  6. Mobile Networks work best with IPv6

  7. IPv6 works better for gaming. So, gaming websites, casino websites, sports betting sites must move to IPv6.

  8. To be able to connect to IoT devices, 5G

  9. For future advancement into IPv6+ Artificial Intelligence

  10. The best defense in Cyber Security, especially with numerous data breaches, website hacks.

  11. App performance is increased on IPv6

  12. Web traffic analysis is better with IPv6 since many use Google Analytics and Google is already on IPv6, it will provide you with accurate data for your IPv6 enabled websites.



You can Buy Static IP Address or by Public IP Address or buy Dedicated IP in IPv6 and make your website and business ahead of your competitors (Adopt and enforce IPv6).


Companies should reanalyze their budget to adopt IPv6 and also to reassess their cybersecurity strategy. In upgrading their cybersecurity infrastructure, IPv6 plays an important role to help businesses stay ahead of hackers, etc. That is why it is very important to shift your current IPv4 by doing and buy IPv6. Meaning shift your IPv4 infrastructure – network hardware, software, and services to IPv6.


Only go through a reputed and trusted IPv4 Broker Service Provider to help you with the sale or lease of IPs IPv4 on IPv4 auction platform

You can do the sale of the USA or European IPs IPv4 and buy IPv6, or from any other geolocation.

The IPv4 sale can be done under any RIR – ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC. 


It is time companies think about IPv6 as it is the future of the internet and if you want to be part of the future of the internet, then IPv6 is the way to go. Speak to our IPv6 experts who will guide you with the easy transition.



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