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Is your Internet Service Provider on IPv6? If not, then it is time you change your ISP or purchase IPv6 address space for your business. IPv6 will bring a great deal of positive technological advancements to your business.

Leading telecom companies, software development giants, and Mobile manufacturers have all been advocating the adoption of IPv6. The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) hosted by Apple was held from June 7th to 11th June 2021. At the conference, Apple will be launching new models and app versions of Mac, iPad, iPhone, Air pods, Apple TV, Mac OS, and many more. Too bad if you are a developer and do not have IPv6, since all software and hardware by Apple is now supported by IPv6 only.

What is an IPv6 address?

IPv6 address is the internet standard or the latest version 6 of the internet protocol. It is the successor of IPv4. If you still think that IPv4 is better than IPv6, then you are wrong.

What is IPv6 used for?

IPv6 is used in many of the advanced technologies businesses use for enhanced security and privacy. IPv6 can support technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and many more. In the WWDC 2020 conference, Apple had urged developers to adopt IPv6 only. According to data gathered by Apple for IPv6-only users, the connection is 1.4x faster than IPv4. This is because of improved security, routing, and elimination of NAT (Network Address Translation) technology (IPv4 uses NAT technology). (Why Your Providers Should Support IPv6)

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The gaming industry, casino industry, e-commerce websites, and more will benefit greatly from IPv6, as it provides enhanced security, end-to-end encryption, IPSEC, and privacy to users.

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IPv6 has been widely adopted across the globe. According to Akamai, India is leading the board with 60.8% adoption, followed by Germany at 47.5% and Malaysia at 47.1%. Google statistics about IPv6 adoption are more or less the same. India has 59.84% adoption of IPv6, Malaysia at 53.42%, and Germany at 50.95%.

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Benefits of IPv6 vs IPv4:

There are a lot of benefits of an IPv6 address over an IPv4 address. Some of them are:
1. IPv6 has structured and systematic routing and processing, unlike the complex NAT technology in IPv4.
2. IPv6 follows a simple network layout that is easy to implement by ISP’s and business networks.
3. There is controlled data flow in IPv6.
4. It has additional support features which were missing in IPv4.
5. IPv6 addresses are secure, providing privacy, validity, and data authenticity.
6. Automated address configuration as soon as the switch to IPv6 is made. (Why Your Providers Should Support IPv6)

Things to keep in mind after adopting IPv6:

  1. It is better for businesses to adopt IPv6 only, as it eliminates the need for IPv6 tunneling (transition technology from IPv4 to IPv6). IPv6 tunneling has been found to cause problems like complex networks, IP spoofing, etc. if not set up properly. (Why Your Providers Should Support IPv6)

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  1. As you may know that there are search engines that have already adopted IPv6, like Google and Yahoo. Even social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, are on IPv6. Netflix the leading web streaming platform has fully adopted IPv6. If you are using these APIs, you will know the difference of browsing on an alternate platform like say Amazon services and products, they can be slower and lack security.
  1. When Apple urged developers to adopt IPv6, it also urged them to use HTTPS/2 for websites. As it provides better support to IPv6-enabled websites.
  1. To enhance IPv6 security, businesses must use VPN’s that are supported by IPv6, otherwise they may experience problems with security.

Hence, IPv6 is the best internet protocol that needs to be adopted by ISPs for a consistent flow of traffic.

What will happen to IPv4?

Ok, let’s say your ISP or your business has adopted IPv6 completely. Then what will happen to the IPv4 address blocks you own? You can do the following with your IPv4 addresses:

  1. Sell IPv4 space or IP addresses.
  2. Lease IPv4 addresses.

Both these options will provide you with revenue. Selling will give you a lump sum gain which you can utilize to buy IPv6 addresses. Whereas, leasing will provide you with a steady income.

A very good example of selling IPv4s and utilizing the revenue to upgrade to IPv6 is MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In 2017, MITnet announced that it will upgrade to IPv6 and unify its existing in-use IPv4 network with the next-generation IPv6. It did so by selling its surplus 8 million IPv4 addresses to Amazon in 2018. (Why Your Providers Should Support IPv6)

Why lease or purchase ipv4 address block?

  1. When you lease cheap ipv4, you are choosing an affordable option. Leasing enables you to use IPv4 addresses for various purposes like software or website testing, website hosting, bulk mailing etc.
  2. When you buy ipv4 block, you can do so as an investment or business opportunity. You can then sell the IPs at a higher price at a later date.
  3. You can even buy ipv4s to lease it to other businesses for hosting websites, sending bulk emails etc.

IPv4 is going to remain as a backend internet protocol in the future. IPv6 is the future and if every business that wants to stay connected to their potential customers using IPv6, must make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 now. For more information on buying/selling/leasing IPv4s.

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