How do I switch from IPv4 to IPv6?



1. How do I register my IPv4 requirement?
You need to fill a registration form providing all required detail of a deal. You will get separate registration confirmation from admin; a buyer registration confirmation requires additional documents and detail.

2. How can I register as a broker?
If you want to fill registration form as a broker (on behalf of someone else; buyer or seller), first you need to get the signup form filled and select the option of broker.

3. What is meant by private deal?
In case of a private deal, admin will contact separately with the seller and buyer. For those interested in selling IP addresses in large blocks, provides privately negotiated transaction services. We have helped hundreds of companies sell IPv4 addresses.

4. How can I find available IPv4 blocks for buy/lease?
After Signup, kindly visit Exchange Platform to check all available deals.

5. Are there any charges to list my IPv4 Resources on
There are no charges in order to list Ipv4 resources on our platform, but you will need an approval from admin.

6. What are the charges levied by
Kindly visit Fees and Charges in order to know more about RIR fees and charges.

7. How can I contact admin for any further query?
Before signup you may contact admin by visiting Contact Us page on Once you have filled the sign-up form, you can generate ticket under chat box option for any query.

8. What is the complete process to sell/buy IPv4 from
Please visit Sale Process for detailed description of complete process.

9. Is it necessary for buyer to fill registration form?
Every user (seller/buyer/broker) need to fill registration form in order to get approved from admin. In case of buyer, he/she may fill registration form only once during first transaction.

10. How does auction process work?
Approved buyer can place his/her bid on listed auction deals at exchange platform (hyperlink here) in increment of multiple of USD 0.50.

11. How do I know my bid status?
You can get the status of your bid by visiting My Transaction page. In order to reach this page, you need to click on your name mentioned at upper right corner on dashboard and select My Transaction. You will able to see all the deals here on which you have placed your bid.

12. How can I check the detail of deals I have listed on platform?
To get complete information of the deals you requested to be listed on our exchange platform, kindly visit MY Listing page. You can reach this page by clicking on your name mentioned at upper right corner on dashboard and select My Listings.

13. What are the added services and how can I opt for it?
We have bunch of services to offer to our clients viz. a) Server space: VPS/Dedicated server b) Hosting services c) GRE tunneling d) Technical assistance to keep the range live In order to opt for any of these services, kindly contact admin.

14. How can I edit the deal already listed by me on
Please contact admin by generating new ticket to make any changes on deals already listed by you.

15. What are the working hours of is catering clients across the globe being registered IPv4 broker/ facilitator recognized by all RIRs and hence we are available 24/7 to provide best services for our clients.

IPv4 address market is huge and locating IPv4 addresses for a business can be painstakingly difficult, this is where a broker acts like Google Maps to locate allocated but unused IP blocks. This entire process performed by the broker at the backend is complicated, this is why brokers are important. Hence, a broker makes sure that the IPv4 Marketplace has a steady supply of IPs by connecting buyers and sellers, thus reducing the overall cost of the IPs.

The following are the 4 things one must know about the IPv4 address market:

  1. It is legitimate to sell your surplus IPv4 addresses
  2. Lack of regulatory body or marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy or sell IPs
  3. Control of few buyers over the IPv4 address market
  4. Convert your surplus IPv4 IPs into revenue by selling

You can find and buy unused IPv4 addresses here on, we liaison between you and the seller at low costs.

IPv4 address space need to be bought through a trusted broker and facilitator. IPv4s when bought through provides you with a transparent, reliable and suitable long-term IP’s solution.

IPv6 is a better version than IPv4, hence one must look at the future benefits of converting to IPv6 from IPv4. For IPv4 and IPv6 costing, read more on our Fees and Charges page. provides ultimate solutions when you want to make a switch from IPv4 to IPv6, without compromising your current network. Call us now to have an agile switch solution depending on your requirement.

In 2017, MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) network wing, MITnet announced that it will upgrade to IPv6 and unify its existing in-use IPv4 network with the next-generation IPv6. It did so by selling its surplus 8 million IPv4 IP addresses to Amazon in 2018. This is an ideal example of how MIT has funded its upgrade to IPv6 by selling its excess IPv4 addresses. In the same way businesses can generate revenue from IPv4 address sale and upgrade to IPv6. can complete this whole process of IPv6 upgrade and also sale of your excess IPv4 addresses seamlessly. Contact us now to enquire more about generating revenue from IPv4.

The IPv4 address pool is diminishing, however big organisations, Internet Service Providers still have unused IP blocks that are available to sell. Read more

IPv6 is the newer version of Internet Protocol, version 6. It was developed by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to counter the IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv6 is an improved version of IPv4, that simplifies the address size to 128 bits, rather than 32 bits in IPv4. IPv6 has unlimited addresses compared to IPv4 which was limited to 4.3 billion addresses only.

IPv6 has many benefits, the most important benefits are:

  1. Structured and systematic routing and processing
  2. Network layout is simple
  3. Controlled data flow
  4. Additional support features which were missing in IPv4
  5. IPs are secure, providing privacy, validity and data authenticity

IPv6 vs IPv4 is a hot topic everywhere and here is a short differentiation:

Difference IPv4 IPv6
Version 4 6
Address size 32-bit 128-bit
Example 2001:db8:a0b:12f0::1
IPs allowed 4 Billion addresses Unlimited addresses

Some of the most important factors affecting IPV4 blocks pricing is not just limited to one. In case of IPs, there is no regulator like SEBI for example in case of stocks and a marketplace like the Bombay Stock Exchange where stocks are bought and sold. Hence, it is really difficult to know who decides the pricing, the seller or the broker? Raed more

What is Is it just another broker? is a facilitator and broker that brings buyers and sellers together to buy, sell, lease and rent IPv4 IP blocks, advises on how to upgrade to IPv6?, how to accrue benefit from selling IPv4s, help IPv4 users to help transition from ground up to a better and faster IPv6 and much more. Read more

Yes, Selling of IPV4 number blocks is a legal practice. In fact the courts have approved the practice for the sale of IPv4 number blocks as well as its transfers in association with bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions and also the business unit restructuring activities. There are no known international, State or localized jurisdiction statutes that prohibits the sell or purchase of IPv4 number blocks.

For a primary set of the total number of IPv4 assets, there are contractual restrictions which constrain the transfer of those number blocks. In those cases the owner’s rights to the IPv4 number blocks are limited to the service contract defined right-of-use, and the number block holder is bound to abide by with all applicable transfer policies.

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