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Fees and charges by APNIC, RIPE, ARIN, LACNIC AND AFRINIC (RIRs) to transfer IPv4

There are five different RIRs in the world. Each RIR has its own set of charges. These are following:

ARIN $300.00 USD ARIN Fee Schedule
RIPE While transferring the resources, SELLER pays annual service fees for the whole year, irrespective of remaining months. RIPE Fee Schedule
APNIC 20% of the annual fee for the number of IPv4 addresses being transferred APNIC Fee Schedule
LACNIC Initial payment of $200 USD + Smaller than a /19 - $1000 USD/19 and larger - $1500 USD LACNIC Fee Schedule
AFRINIC Smaller than /22 - $0 USD/22 to /20 - $1750 USD/20 to /18 - $2000 USD AFRINIC Fee Schedule
Note: All type of transfer fees is payable by the buyer

At, we offer the following three types of services:

1. Basic Service

Under this category, we provide information which is generally available on our website and/or available on the internet. It is free of cost. (Blogs, statistics)

2. Consultancy Service

Based on our long-term experience and expertise, we offer consultancy services in IPv4 transactions. We provide reliable and dependable ONLY INFORMATION based on your query. Whether you are a buyer or seller there is always a need of facilitator and intermediary. Transaction of IPv4 is lengthy and cumbersome. It attracts maximum risk because it is an online and international activity. Its transaction does require complete knowledge from all angles. It includes:

  • Availability of resource
  • IPv4 Market Price as per economics
  • Transfer process of each RIR
  • How to simplify the IPv4 to IPv6 transfer process
  • Due diligence of resources
  • Money transaction

IP Address Price List
IPv4 Market Price

A company requires knowing the nature of working of the staff of various RIRs, LIRs and NIRs. It also requires knowing the tendency of the regional buyer or seller. Understanding the future market on the basis of available statistics helps to take a decision. Requirement to set up 24x7 international effective communication. Transparency on each stage is a necessity for a safe and secured transaction. Provision of complete peace of mind with 100% satisfaction is our motto.

3. Executive Service

If a buyer or seller requires us to do the complete transaction on their behalf, we are pleased to offer our executive service. This service includes following:

  • Provide basic knowledge of the market, various RIRs, LIRs and NIRs
  • Negotiation of the most economical Cost of IP Address Blockprices according to the required resources
  • Zero-risk funds transfer process
  • Hassle-free transfer of resources
  • Transparent and smooth transaction process
  • Due diligence of the resources

There are five RIRs working under ICANN. Each has a different working procedure. Getting the work done in stipulated time requires knowledge, experience and expertise. It is a big financial transaction. Transaction at the most economical Cost of Static IP Address price is a necessity. Being an international and high value transaction there is a need of transparency with zero-risk involvement. We are proud to provide value for money solutions.

Fees and charges by Ipv4 deals

  1. Basic Service – It’s free of cost for all visitors to our website.
  2. Consultancy Service – We charge a bare minimum USD 200. It is applicable for six months from the date of deposit.
  3. Executive Service – We charge accordingly:
  1. Seller will pay 10% of transaction amount or USD 500 whichever is higher. Consultancy service charges USD 200 are adjustable in this charge (if paid).
  2. Lessor will pay 10% of transaction amount or USD 300 whichever is higher.
  3. Any additional technical service required by Lessor and Lessee, will be charged extra as per service provision (One time only).
  4. The transaction charges received from the Seller will be parted off with the Broker in ration of 60:40 (Admin: Broker).
  5. Payment to a broker will be released after completion of minimum two deals.

Ipv4 Address

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