IPv6 or IPv4, which works better with a VPN?

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Many businesses and even individuals use a VPN to browse websites and make important financial transactions. VPN protects the identity, location, and provides a secure connection to the user. But what would happen to the VPN connection if your ISP or your website is hosted on an IPv6 server (IPv4 or IPv6 which works nicely with a VPN)? 


IPv6, the new internet revolution is being adopted by many businesses these days. There are many benefits of IPv6, like:

  • It connects multiple devices over the internet using a unique IP address

  • It connects to multiple technologies like 5G, Cloud, etc.

  • It is faster and safer than IPv4

  • It has a simple routing network than IPv4 

  • Gives your users access to IPv6-only websites, applications, and devices – Google, iOS Apps, etc.

  • Your website receives IPv6-only traffic


If your potential customer’s ISP is using IPv6 (If you are in the UK BT has IPv6, Vodaphone in Germany, JIO in India, etc.), then there are better chances of your IPv6 website appearing in the first few pages. Any searches your customers make using Google Search (also IPv6), IPv6 websites are given preference by Google (IPv4 or IPv6 which works nicely with a VPN). 


Should VPN support IPv6?

If your customer is using a VPN that is not supported by IPv6, then your IPv6-enabled website may appear in the searches with a lot more other websites, but may not provide the protection to the user if they wander off to other websites which are not IPv6. Your customers need to be educated about using a good VPN that supports IPv6 like CyberGhost, Hide.me, Perfect Privacy, and AirVPN (IPv4 or IPv6 which works nicely with a VPN).


How to make sure your website is IPv6 enabled to attract IPv6 and IPv4 traffic?

It is fairly simple to attract IPv6 and IPv4 traffic to your website. You can follow the three simple steps to get the desired traffic:


  1. You can upgrade your website from IPv4 to IPv6 easily by using the services of an IPv6 Hosting Partner from you can purchase IP address or IP Block of IPv6. 

  2. Once you have an IPv6 website, you can sell the IPv4 addresses on the best Exchange Platform for IPv4 through a reputed IPv4 Broker Service Provider. The IPv4 broker is licensed and authorized by RIRs to facilitate between IPv4 buyers and IPv4 sellers, where bidding for IPv4 takes place. They deal in USA IPs IPv4 IPv6, European IPs IPv4 IPv6, or any other region. 

  3. Now that your website is IPv6 enabled, you will have better traffic, an increase in sales, and revenue. 

So, do not worry if your potential customers are using a VPN connection to connect to your website, your IPv6 website will still be accessible and you will receive unique IPv6 traffic. So, what are you waiting for? Get your IPv4 website upgraded to IPv6 and enjoy the benefits of a faster, secure, and profitable website and business.

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