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With a newer IPv6 protocols in place, one would think IPv4 would already be a thing of the past. The issue is simple yet very complex at the same time. IPv6, while technically offers superior benefits to address allocations and future growth, still has a level of complexity that most companies do not want to deal with.

There is also a large cost associated with moving old infrastructure off the IPv4 protocol, and onto IPv6. This becomes even more cumbersome for large network operators, cable companies and hosting providers who have their clients infrastructure deeply entrenched with IPv4. It is nearly impossible for them to manage the process of protocol adaption several degrees out of their reach.

IPv6 has been readily available for over 10 years, well before IPv4 space was unavailable. With only an estimated 15% of company adaption by 2017, the need and scarcity of IPv4 continues to grow. It is imperative to plan a year in advance of needing additional space, and to choose the right partners to secure the space when you need it. Reach out to an advisor today to buy IPv4 space or discuss your future needs.

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IPv4 internet address space is running out rapidly. There is a huge shortage of IPv4 addresses in North America and Canada regions. Any business requiring more address space will have to resort to buying their IP blocks. In Europe, where RIPE NCC is the regional internet registry, each member is only entitled to a last /22. This translates to 1024 IP addresses. Any company that needs more than shall have to buy from other members that have space left, if any. In 2011 the first IPV4 transaction took place between Nortel and Microsoft at USD 11.25 per IP address for 666.624 IP addresses.

The other daunting problem looming over the current IPv4 market is that there are exceptionally low price indicators or absence of a regulatory body or a platform where buyers and sellers can exchange IPs. This is where comes in. is an IPv4 Broker Service Provider with a clear vision to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of IPv4 IPs, guide businesses and facilitate IPv4 address space management.

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The idea of someone having to buy IPs IPv4 address space may have been unheard of 10 years ago, however, today it is the only way to acquire an otherwise limited resource. The official exhaustion of IPv4 addresses with ARIN and RIPE in 2015, created the demand for a secondary transfer market. And just like any limited resource marketplace, the prices have continued to rise over the years.

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Our database consists of a large number of clients who we have worked with over the years through business ventures involving data center and network infrastructure. These relationships have a high level of trust, which is translated into sale of IPs IPv4 that are fast and secure.

Low Rates works with buyers and sellers, hence, we maintain a very low cost of doing business.


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