• LEASE /22 APNIC $0.40   • LEASE /22 APNIC $0.55   • LEASE /22 APNIC $0.50   • LEASE /22 APNIC $0.45   • BUY NOW /22 APNIC $20.00   • BUY NOW /20 APNIC $25   • BUY NOW /20 ARIN $24.5   • LEASE /22 RIPE $0.35   • LEASE /22 RIPE $0.36   • BUY NOW /18 ARIN $24.80   • BUY NOW /18 APNIC $24   • BUY NOW /23 RIPE $23   • BUY NOW /24 RIPE $23.5   • LEASE /19 RIPE $21.00   • BUY NOW /21 RIPE $20.50   • BUY NOW /22 RIPE $24   • BUY NOW /24 APNIC $23   • BUY NOW /22 APNIC $24   • BUY NOW /21 APNIC $22.00   • SALE /20 RIPE $26    • SALE /23 APNIC $23    • SALE /2*/24 APNIC $23/IP

Buy and Sell IPs – IPv4 & IPv6

IPv6 has still not been able to make a place for itself, since IPv4 is so wide spread a still a popular version. There are several issues that need to be addressed here.

  1. Businesses are ignorant about IPv6 and think that it is a complicated affair.
  2. IPv4 and IPv6 can co-exist, yet require technical and networking expertise.
  3. Many telecom operators and ISPs around the world are adopting IPv6 but at a very slow pace.

The above issues are not limited to these alone, yet have very simple and long-term solutions. This is where Alpha InfoLab Inc. steps in with an IPv4 platform that makes sure business can buy, sell and lease IPv4 address space to ensure IPv4 and IPv6 can exist together. Still confused about how all of this works? Speak to our IP experts today.

Lease IPs IPv4 IPv6
Rent IPs IPv4 IPv6

IPv4 internet address space is running out rapidly. There is a huge shortage of IPv4 addresses in North America and Canada regions. A growing business may need to buy more IPs to achieve its sales targets and maximize gains. In Europe, where RIPE NCC is the regional internet registry, each member is only entitled to a last /22. This translates to 1024 IP addresses. Any company that needs more than shall have to buy from other members that have space left, if any. In 2011 the first IPV4 transaction took place between Nortel and Microsoft at USD 11.25 per IP address for 666.624 IP addresses.

The other daunting problem looming over the current IPv4 market is that there are exceptionally low price indicators or absence of a regulatory body or a platform where buyers and sellers can exchange IPs. This is where IPv4.deals comes in. IPv4.deals is an IPv4 Broker Service Provider with a clear vision to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of IPv4 IPs, guide businesses and facilitate IPv4 address space management.

Buy IPv4 Addresses – Straightforward Process

If you go back 10 years, you will realise that it may not have crossed the minds of businesses or individuals to buy IPs. When you look at the current scenario RIR’s like ARIN and RIPE have run out of IPv4s thus giving rise to a secondary market where prices have been catapulting.

Sell IPv4 Addresses - Quick and Simple

For clients who have IPv4s and are interested in the sale of their IPs, then they are at the right place. Selling IPv4s generates revenue as well as gives them a golden opportunity to upgrade to IPv6.

Low Rates

IPv4.deals works with buyers and sellers, hence, we maintain a very low cost of doing business.


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