Global IPv4 Transfer Statistics

Real-Time IPv4 Address Block Transfers

Welcome to our IPv4 transfer statistics page. We've compiled data from the public logs of all five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), providing a snapshot of global IPv4 address block transfers and market trends.

What is an IPv4 Transfer?

An IPv4 transfer involves the movement of IPv4 addresses from one organization to another, regulated by RIRs.

Why are IPv4 Transfers Important?

With IPv4 addresses running out and demand increasing, IPv4 transfers have become more common. This has led to the creation of an active IPv4 Transfer Market, where organizations can get the IPv4 addresses they need to support their digital growth and expansion, and those with unused IP address space can sell theirs.

Our PowerBI report offers insights into:

  • Global Transfer Overview: Visualizing the volume of transfers between different RIRs.
  • RIR-specific Analysis: Detailed transfer trends within each RIR.
  • Transfer Trends Over Time: Historical analysis of IPv4 transfers.
  • Size of Transferred Blocks: Breakdown of transfers by block size.

Data is updated twice a week for relevance and accuracy. Explore our interactive report below.