Here, you’ll find a collection of feedback from companies worldwide that have trusted us for buying, selling, and leasing IPv4 addresses.

"Team at Alpha Infolab not only helped us to acquire multiple IPv4 blocks in bulk, they went further ahead to guide us through the whole process. They are now our registered suppliers." — Vodafone Qatar

"So glad we found this company for our IP need. Right from Escrow to handling APNIC queries, the account manager here gave full support, even on weekends." — Etisalat Afghanistan

"We contacted all brokers recognized by APNIC and found best pricing with Alpha InfoLab. Decision was great as their services are really professional." — Unitel, Mongolia

"This was our first time we were transferring IP's from NIR instead of direct RIR. Kudos to Alpha InfoLab, they made the process so simple and we were able to acquire blocks at excellent pricing." — CoLocation America, USA

"We have been leasing IPs from Alpha Infolab Inc, and the experience has been fantastic. We highly recommend Alpha Infolab Inc for anyone in need of reliable IP leasing services." — Oxylabs, Lithuania

“I want to give a very special thanks to Alpha Infolab. They are extremely helpful in customer service and sell me lots of prefixes. Honestly, it's the best experience that I have ever had with an IP leaser and I enjoy working with them.” — Nodestop LLC, USA

“We are satisfied to get this company as our IPv4 acquisition partner. They are very helpful and experienced in inter-RIR transfers. I recommend them.”
— Host Edu, India

"We were impressed with the seamless and efficient IPv4 trading services provided by Alpha Infolab. Their expertise and guidance made the entire process smooth, allowing us to acquire IP address effortlessly."
— Nibble S.R.L, Italy