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Please understand the following terminologies:

  1. ICANN - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit-making Internet governance corporation with participation from global participants. It forms a community that includes IP registries, registrars, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Patent advocates, 100 government representatives, and individual Internet users. The wide community makes sure the Internet is borderless, safe and sturdy to be used by everyone worldwide. It also encourages a healthy competition and ensures the network's stable and secure operation.
  2. IANA - The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority is the oldest institution dating back to the 1970’s that assigns and keeps unique codes and numbering systems used to manage the Internet. The IANA provides the following services: Domain Name System (DNS) root management, providing global IP and AS numbers to Regional Registries and assigning IPs. The above services are provided by Public Technical Identifiers or PTI, an affiliate of ICANN.
  3. RIR - A Regional Internet Registry is an institution that performs management functions to allocate and register IP addresses and AS numbers within a particular region of the world provided to them by Public Technical Identifiers.
IPv4 Broker Service Provider

There are five RIRs - Regional Internet Registries:

  • The Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC): APNIC functions in East Asia, Oceania, South Asia, and Southeast Asia
  • The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC): RIPE NCC functions in Europe, Central Asia, Russia, and West Asia
  • The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN): ARIN functions in Antarctica, Canada, parts of the Caribbean, and the United States
  • The Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre (LACNIC): LACNIC functions in most of the Caribbean and all of Latin America
  • The African Network Information Center (AFRINIC): AFRINIC functions Africa

We are Alpha InfoLab, Inc., a registered corporation in United States of America (USA). We are registered as an official facilitator, broker and intermediary appointed by RIRs - APNIC, RIPE, ARIN and LACNIC to buy/sale/lease IPv4. is our official website through which we are working as an official facilitator.

We interface with client organizations in need of IPv4 addresses and those organizations that have excess or unused IPv4 addresses to help accomplish a specified transfer in accordance with concerned RIR’s policy.

Please click the below mentioned URLs to check us being official facilitator, broker and intermediary appointed by various RIRs:

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Why IPv4 Deals?

Quality seller and buyer network - Network of reputable and pre-qualified sellers and buyers.
Geo location on demand - Available world-wide IPs.
Flexible subnet sizes - Right from /24 to /8 sizes of IPv4 pools are available with us.
Clean IPv4 space - Largest selection of clean and contiguous IPv4 address space for sale.
Timeline - Transparent working for all entities.
Secure escrow payments - Offer secure payments either directly via wire or via Escrow agent.
Fast service time - Fast turnaround selling your Address space of IPv4 safely and legally.
Registry assist - Assist working with internet registry to release your IPv4 space.
Technical Support - Custom routing rules and GRE tunnel support.
Legal contracts - Provide specialized legal contracts to safeguard the interest of buyer and seller.
24 hour customer support - Extremely responsive with a 24×7 approach by email.
Due diligence of IPv4 - Confirmed, owned, outright free and clear of liens; Removed from all BGP routing and DNS Entries.

Privately Negotiated IP Address buying and selling

For those interested in selling IP addresses in large blocks (/17 to /8) provide IPv4 private address space negotiating transaction services. We have hundreds of client organizations to whom we have sold IPv4 addresses. Our experience and expertise have earned us a reputation as one of the most respected IP address brokers in the market.

IPv4 Services Include

  • Facilitating frequent and safest registration transfers at the relevant RIR (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, LACNIC & AFRINIC) and closing process.
  • Find buyers as well as sellers.
  • Matching buyers’ need with sellers’ capability.
  • Advise on deal structure.
  • Ensuring a confidential sale-purchase process.
  • Providing standard transaction documents.

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement.
    • Asset Purchase Agreement.
  • Trusted Escrow services.
  • Facilitating frequent and safest registration transfers at the relevant RIR (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, LACNIC & AFRINIC) and closing process.
  • Services with due diligence.

Our clients do not pay any upfront fees. We are only compensated after the IP address transfer has been completed.

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Our Mission

Our mission reflects the GBS Group's longstanding commitment to providing excellence:

We are proud of our heritage as part of the GBS Group, being one of the best IT Solution companies in today’s time. We are an expert in successful implementation of IPv6 on any computer. Our mission is to inform the present status of IPv4 and the future of IPv6 in ever changing technology. We want to educate every user to shift to IPv6 compatibility mode.

Alpha InfoLab is a technology architecture implementation and management firm that understands the importance of business dealings driven by integrity and respect. Our mission is to structure robust IT Platforms exceeding client expectations.

Being a part of our mission, we will try to maximize the return of IPv4 addresses, with the help of We want to spread awareness among computer users, to take the many advantages of IPv6 as well as to convert IPv4 asset into a revenue generator through

We see a big scope in career of IPv6 expert. Our mission is also to educate and prepare a big number of IPv6 experts for a bright and prospective career.

Our Vision

Our vision is to convert ‘The Last Server’ of the world using IPv4 into IPv6 compatibility.

In future, IPv6 should be available in ample quantity with RIRs as they had IPv4. There should not be a single buyer of IPv4. The importance of IPv6 should be taught at school level.

Our Values

We assure to deliver quality and innovation and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We ensure that the solutions being delivered include best IT practices within the chosen area of technology.

We focus on building and encouraging an environment of mutual respect within the company and with the clients as well. We pride ourselves in being an organization that believes in integrity, honesty, and self-respect.

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Professional and Quality Focussed

GBS Group's headquarters are located at Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and various branches are at Mumbai, Raipur, and Bhubaneswar.

Alpha InfoLab is a global IT Solutions and Services Provider.

We cover the following areas of Information and Technology:

We have the honor of being the youngest ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We specialize in all of our IT products and services.

Fact Sheet

Alpha InfoLab is an IT Solutions Company with expertise in providing IT software services and technical solutions. Our domain expertize is in wide range of industry sectors, which include Financial Services, Entertainment, Information Technology, Professional Services, Auto Dealerships, Non-Profits, Manufacturing, Travel, Education, Child Care, Retail/Ecommerce, Advertising and Marketing.

Founded: 2009

Global Headquarters: Indore

Development Center: Indore (M.P) India

Services: Software Services, Marketing and Bulk Email Provider

Development Frameworks: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, Bootstrap, Bulma, Google AMP

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