How to get dedicated IP blocks?

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There are two types of IP addresses, dedicated IP and shared IP. There are many advantages of using a dedicated IP for your websites. Dedicated IPs could be one of the best buys you will do for your business. If you are running a business where you require special permissions, then a dedicated IP address is essential. For example, you want to host your own SSL Certificate or are planning to run a gaming or casino server or gambling server or e-commerce website or a VPN. With Dedicated IPs, you also do not have to share your IP with others where there are multiple websites being hosted including yours (Get dedicated IP blocks).

Get dedicated IP blocks
Get dedicated IP blocks

There are many benefits to buying a dedicated IP:

  1. You can exclusively host many websites on a dedicated IP.
  2. You can quickly and easily access your website, especially through FTP (File transfer protocol)
  3. Your dedicated IP and domain name go together, meaning like your phone number (IP address) is directly related to your name (domain name) 
  4. If you opt for Dedicated Server Hosting, you get a dedicated IP address. Click here for the best plan for a Dedicated server.
  5. Provides business an identity especially when you are buying an SSL certificate for added security to all customer and business data on the websites. 
  6. It is needed when for third-party applications that will be run on your server
  7. It is especially essential when you use Email Marketing extensively and will be an advantage for your email sIf your website experiences high traffic inflow like an e-commerce website or a casino website, you are better off with a dedicated IP, offering you high website speed and performance.trategies. 
  8. Provides more control of your server
  9. If you are using a VPN to connect to the internet 
  10. This will also help your visitors enjoy fast loading websites and up-time without crashing.
  11. Offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value and trust to your website, helping you improve your website’s page rank.

Now that you know all the benefits of a dedicated IP, and if your business has needs mentioned above, then you must purchase an IP address that is dedicated to your business alone (Get dedicated IP blocks). 

How to Purchase dedicated IP Blocks

There are two types of IP addresses you can buy:

  1. IPv4 addresses: The IPv4 Market Price is competitive since you can buy and sell IPs through a registered IPv4 broker. IPv4 sellers can sell or lease IPs to buyers through an exchange platform for IPv4. On the exchange platform bidding for IPv4 takes place, the best bid is accepted by the seller and the broker will create a contract between the buyer and seller in accordance with the RIR guidelines. 
  2. IPv6 addresses: Businesses who are interested to upgrade their IPs from IPv4 to IPv6 can do that easily by selling IPv4 addresses on the IPv4 exchange platform and buy new IPv6 addresses through a reputed IPv6 service provider

You can easily buy IPs through a registered Broker with competitive fees and charges. For more information on buying or selling IPs, speak to our IP expert today.

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