What is IPv4 subnetting and how does it work?

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IPv4 subnetting was initially used to counter the IPv4 address exhaustion, If subnetting was applied much earlier then wasteful selling of IPv4s to one single company or institution would have been under control and we wouldn’t have the IPv4 exhaustion for another 10 -15 years(What is IPv4 subnetting). 

However, lets come to the point, What is IPv4 subnetting?

IPv4 subnetting is where the IP network is broken down into multiple IPs to be used by many computers in a large network that is connected, eases the network traffic congestion and makes the network faster to work with. 

How does IPv4 subnetting work?

To set up IPv4 subnetting, you need to use the IPv4 subnet calculator to understand the number of subnet IPs an organization will require. The network administrator understands and creates the subnet IPs (What is IPv4 subnetting). 

During this process, he or she will use the IPv4 subnet mask, which is a 32-bit number which helps to identify or mask the IP address. An IP address when masked can be divided into extended network address and host address. 


This Subnetting Formula will help you understand the concept in a better way:

IP Address Subnetting —— Network Identifier + Host Identifier (Subnet Identifier + Host Identifier)

Benefits of Subnetting:
  1.  Faster Network Speed:

Subnetting helps in improving the speed and performance of a network and makes it faster.

2.  Network Traffic Congestion solved:

If an organization’s network is very busy and experiences traffic congestion, then subnetting will help ease the congestion through multiple IP splitting. 

3.  To Monitor And Secure The Network:

A network can face hacking attacks from time to time and subnetting the network traffic can make it easier to monitor and secure individual subnets efficiently.

4.   Control Growing Network:

An organization’s growing network poses the problem it is being controlled, with subnetting this becomes manageable. 

5.  Makes The Life Of Network Administrator Easier: 

Subnetting is great for a Network Administrator as he or she can control and monitor the network in a better manner.  

6.  Can Take Your Network To The Supernetting Level:

If your organization’s demands have surpassed IP subnetting, then you can move a notch higher with supernetting, which means you can add more IP addresses to your network. 

Still, confused about whether your organizations’ network requires IP subnetting or not? 
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