Dual Stack IPv4, IPv6 does not give you a Google ranking boost

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For any website, featuring in Google top ranking pages is the most important task for any Digital Marketing Manager.
It is found that people usually search in the top 3-5 pages in google search, so you see how important it is to make it to the top-ranking pages (dual stack IPv4 and IPv6).

Many businesses could be planning to buy or rent or lease IPs of IPv4 and IPv6, meaning you are going to use Dual stack IPv4/IPv6. This could, however, affect your google ranking boost (dual stack IPv4 and IPv6).

But what is dual stack IPv4 and IPv6? Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity of networking devices, server, firewall, switch, and router with both IPv6 and IPv4 in an ISP’s network in a dual stack solution.

In dual stack, the traffic is directed simultaneously when ISP allows, it, however, does not help in google ranking boost.

Having Dual stack or IPv4 only website could very well push your website to the next Google rank pages,

rather than pushing you up the ranks. Which is something you do not want (dual stack IPv4 and IPv6).

Inspite of all your efforts to make your website Google friendly, your every SEO strategy to go out the drain if your Google ranking is not improving. It could also be possible that you may not even feature in the Google ranks, which is going to doom your website. So, the only way forward to move to the sunny side of Google is to adopt IPv6.

IPv6 only website is your answer to high Google Ranking:

  1. In the case your business is using IPv6 only, then it gives you an advantage over those with dual stack, since dual stack will not have any SEO ranking boost with Google.
  1. If your website is using HTTPS, then there is a higher chance that your ranking in Google will be better, why? Because HTTPS means, your website has an SSL Certificate, meaning an IP address is required.
    Since IPv4 is already short of IP addresses,
    selling IPv4 addresses you own, on IPv4.deals, the best Exchange Platform for IPv4. It is a good step towards your decision to you buy IPv6 IP address, through Alpha InfoLab, an IPv4 Broker Service Provider.
  1. With IPv6, you are making sure your website is ranked higher, has data encryption, and is secure for visitors.
  1. If a business manages to somehow get hold of IPv4 IP addresses to get the HTTPS on its website, it could drive up the prices of IPv4s. So, all the more reason to simply adopt IPv6 only website, purchase IP address and initiate a ranking boost in Google Search and increases chances of being found by people who search for products and services you offer.

Therefore, if you want your business to receive niche organic traffic, it is very important that you adopt IPv6 for your websites.

Advantages of adopting IPv6:

  1. It increases your website’s chances of ranking higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.
  2. Your website will be by default adopting HTTPS, the meaning has the secure SSL certificate – encrypted data and security.
  3. Puts you early on the IPv6 bandwagon than your competitors.
  4. Gives your website added security, since IPv6 IPs are secure, provide privacy, are valid, and provide data authenticity.

If you are not sure how to go about adopting IPv6 and sell your existing IPv4s, then speaking to experts at IPv4.deals is the way forward.

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