IPv6+ to succeed IPv6 in the future

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We all know about IPv4 and the next generation IPv6, and there have been many debates on IPv4 vs IPv6 which is a better IP version. It has come to light that there is another IP version which will succeed IPv6 and that is IPv6+.


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So, according to industry leaders, IPv6+ is believed to take the Internet world to a new level. IPv6+ networks will transform how businesses communicate with each other and with their customers.

IPv6+ to succeed IPv6

Is your website hosted in the right location?



According to the IPv6 Forum news page, there was a joint webinar held by the IPv6 Forum, OMDIA and Huawei on April 15th 2020 on the topic: “Transform your IP network for the 5G and Cloud Era”. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Latif Ladid, Founder & President of the IPv6 Forum and Chairman of the ETSI (The European Telecommunications Standards Institute) IPv6 Integration Industry Specification Group.

The meeting saw attendance from experts from various fields like operators, vendors, research institutions, and international standards organization.   


A New IP Proposal by China, opposed by RIPE

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So, What is IPv6+?

IPv6+ is the next-generation of IPv6 where the end to end IP network is designed for 5G network and cloud era infrastructure. In a simple equation = IPv6+AI+ protocol innovation.


Why do we need IPv6+ when we already have IPv6?

IPv6+ is needed to support path planning, quick service provisioning, automatic Operations and Maintenance, quality visualization, Service Level Agreement assurance, and application awareness. IPv6+ is set to accelerate business revenue and efficiency. 


IPv6+5G will make sure that multiple plane segmentation can happen to perform different business services, while keep a dedicated network for Virtual Reality teaching, Smart Healthcare and power supply grid. 


IPv6+SRv6 (Segment Routing over IPv6 plane) will make sure service deployment across industries takes way less time.


IPv6+AI will make sure that Operations and Maintenance in any vertical is improved to reduce costs. 


So, is your business ready for IPv6+? If you are not sure how to go about it, then take a look at the following ways you can inch towards an IPv6+ business model:


  1. The first step is to sell your IPv4s and adopt IPv6. (IPv4.deals is the best IPv4 auction marketplace) whether you require to buy or go for sale or lease or rent USA or European IPs IPv4.  


  1. Get a fair price for your IPv4s from buyers through IPv4 Broker Service Provider under the guidelines laid by the RIRs – ARIN, RIPE, APNIC


  1. Upgrade to IPv6 through a reputed IPv4 and IPv6 Hosting Provider


Once your business and website are IPv6 enabled, you are ready to go to the next levels of integrating your business model with AI, 5G and Cloud which will automate your business, help your business run efficiently and increase revenue in a short time.

Simpler router task with IPv6 than IPv4

For more information on how your IPv4s can sold at a good price and take the step towards IPv6, speak to our IP experts today to follow you through the process with ease.


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