RIPE NCC finally runs out of /22 IPv4 addresses

RIPE NCC finally runs out of /22 IPv4 addresses

In a significant development that marks a pivotal moment in the digital era, the RIPE Network Coordination Centre (NCC) announced on 25 November 2019 that they have allocated their final /22 IPv4 addresses. This means that the last remaining addresses in their available pool have now been exhausted.

The Long-Anticipated IPv4 Exhaustion

This announcement does not come as a surprise to network operators. The impending IPv4 run-out has been a topic of discussion and anticipation for years. The RIPE community, through its responsible stewardship of these resources, has managed to provide thousands of new networks in their service region with /22 allocations even after reaching their last /8 in 2012.

The Future of IPv4 Addresses

While the RIPE NCC has officially run out of IPv4 addresses, they will continue to recover addresses in the future. These addresses will be sourced from organizations that have either gone out of business, closed, or from networks returning addresses they no longer require. Such recovered addresses will be allocated to members based on their position on a newly activated waiting list.

However, there’s a catch. Only those Local Internet Registries (LIRs) that have never received an IPv4 allocation from the RIPE NCC may request addresses from this waiting list. Moreover, they are only eligible to receive a single /24 allocation.

A Global Concern

The exhaustion of the IPv4 addressing space is a global concern. Over the years, there has been a noticeable emergence of an IPv4 transfer market and an increased reliance on Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT). Both these approaches come with their own sets of challenges and costs. Neither truly addresses the core issue: the dwindling number of available IPv4 addresses.

The Push for IPv6

The solution? A more widespread deployment of IPv6. Without it, the growth of the Internet could be severely limited, not by a lack of resources or expertise, but by a simple shortage of unique network identifiers.

The RIPE NCC remains committed to supporting its members and the broader RIPE community. They will continue to provide resources, advice, training, and tools to assist network operators in their IPv6 deployment plans.

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