Tips to Help Sell Your IPv4 Faster and Safer

Tips to Help Sell Your IPv4 Faster and Safer

Understanding the Current Market

The demand for IPv4 addresses is currently low, with pricing at its lowest point in recent times. This has made it challenging for sellers to find buyers willing to pay a good price, as most are looking for deals at lower prices.

Effective Ways to Find Buyers

One effective strategy for sellers in this market is to engage with a broker. As a broker, is well-connected with key players in the industry, including large telecommunications and IT companies that could be potential buyers. Leveraging a broker’s network can significantly increase the chances of finding interested and legitimate buyers.

Sellers must be aware of and comply with the rules set by Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). As an ARIN qualified facilitator, and RIPE and APNIC registered broker, conducts deals in accordance with the latest RIR regulations, ensuring that all transactions are legitimate and compliant.

Transfer Process

The transfer process for IPv4 addresses varies depending on the RIR involved. In general, it involves steps like pre-approval, finding a recipient, submitting a transfer request, review and approval by the RIR, and updating the RIR registry. Detailed steps for each registry can be found here:

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

It’s important for sellers to avoid common mistakes such as setting unrealistic prices or ignoring RIR regulations. Working with a knowledgeable broker can help navigate these challenges efficiently.

Wrapping up

Despite the current market challenges, selling IPv4 addresses can still be a viable option for organizations with unused IPv4 blocks. By understanding the market, working with a trusted broker like, and adhering to RIR guidelines, sellers can navigate the IPv4 market safely and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it challenging to sell IPv4 addresses in the current market?

The challenge arises due to the low demand for IPv4 addresses and the corresponding drop in pricing. This situation makes it difficult for sellers to find buyers willing to pay a good price, as most buyers are looking for more affordable deals.

How does engaging with a broker like help in selling IPv4 addresses?

Engaging with a broker such as, which has connections with large telecommunications and IT companies, can significantly increase your chances of finding interested and legitimate buyers in the current market.

What are the key considerations for legal and compliant selling of IPv4 addresses?

Sellers must adhere to rules set by Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)., being an ARIN-qualified facilitator and a registered broker with RIPE and APNIC, ensures all transactions are conducted in compliance with the latest RIR regulations.

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