Facts to Know before Entering the IPv4 Marketplace

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IPv4 Marketplace is an established secondary market where brokers are mediators for IPv4 sellers to businesses who need IPv4s (Entering the IPv4 Marketplace).
There was a need for RIR’s to do something for IPv4 address space exhaustion due to the exponential expansion of the internet worldwide and that is why a secondary market was introduced, where buyers and sellers can do bidding for IPv4 on a reputed and best Exchange Platform for IPv4 like IPv4.deals (Entering the IPv4 Marketplace).
Why are companies hesitant in deciding between IPv4 and IPv6?


5 Facts to know about IPv4 Market:
  • Asia has the largest share of 61.71%, followed by Africa at 59.82% of total mobile internet traffic in January 2020.
  • 51.98% of people use mobile internet out of the total global internet traffic
  • Among countries, Nigeria was ranked first in 2019 to have 73.73% of web traffic through mobile devices.
  • On 25 November 2019, RIPE IPv4 exhaustion took place.
  • Except for AFRINIC, the rest of the RIRs have already run  out of IPv4 addresses
    Entering the IPv4 Marketplace
Who will require to purchase IP Blocks?
  • Businesses where many clients use their mobiles to access the internet.
  • Gaming or gambling Casinos online
  • Companies or individuals who use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to browse the internet.
  • Software companies who develop mobile and gaming apps.
  • IPv4 in computer networks is essential for those companies that sell Servers to clients.
  • Companies that develop encryption technology and software
  • Companies who are developing IoT devices you can read our previous blog on the
    Benefits of IPv4 Secondary Market
    to know more about the need to know more about selling IPv4spurchase IP addresses and why IPv4.deals give the right IPv4 Market Price. Do also have a good read on Classful IP Addressing for a more elaborate technical enlightenment (Entering the IPv4 Marketplace).
As more and more internet users are added every minute all around the world, a bigger and stronger internet is needed. It is difficult to abandon IPv4s completely and adopt IPv6 entirely, hence selling unused and clean IPv4s by businesses and buying to allocate these IPv4s to tasks that need more IPs is an urgent mission taken up by IPv4.deals.
For more information on safely selling or buying clean IPv4s through Alpha InfoLab, Official Brokers of RIRs,
speak to our IP expert today
IPv6 is more compatible with mobile networks than IPv4

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