How can help bring the IPv4 shortage crisis under control?

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IPv4 is the most popular Internet Protocol being used all over the world. But, soon, IPv4 may retire and will be replaced by IPv6. IPv6 is not an extension of IPv4, but a totally new Internet Protocol.  

In IPv4 the Public IP address and Local IP address are 32-bit long and the format uses decimal numbers. Whereas IPv6 addresses are 128-bit long, and the format uses hexadecimal numbers making it a larger packet.

IPv6 was introduced because IPv4 addresses are being exhausted. Meaning, there are no new IPv4 addresses left with any of the RIRs (Regional Internet Registry). The five RIRs are APNIC, RIPE NCC, AFRINIC, LACNIC, and ARIN.

About IPv4 exhaustion:

IPv4 was introduced in 1983 by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The founders of IPv4 did not think at that time that 4.2 billion IP addresses would be exhausted. But, soon, the IETF saw that the internet is getting even more popular than they had imagined.

Internet is the no.1 place for people to hang out. They can connect with friends and family, work remotely, shop online, pay bills, etc. The beauty of the internet is that you can use it from anywhere. It is compatible with all kinds of devices.

However, with new advanced technologies coming into play like mobile devices, web cameras, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud, and more, IPv4 could not support such devices. IPv4 addresses have been exhausted in all RIRs.

To keep the internet working without interruptions, an IPv5 proposal was made. But it used the same addressing system as IPv4, which limited the IP addresses to 4.2 billion addresses. So, another proposal was made in 1995 for IPv6, the Internet Protocol version 6.

IPv6 to see massive growth by end of 2029

How solve the IPv4 exhaustion problem? IPv4 to IPv6

IPv6 has more than 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses, which is more than sufficient for the foreseeable future. Hence, IETF named IPv6 as the Standard Internet Protocol.  

The IP exhaustion problem has given rise to the Secondary IPv4 market. The Secondary IPv4 Market is where buyers and sellers can come together to bid on IP blocks from all RIRs. There are RIR authorized brokers who facilitate the sale, lease, or purchase of IPs. is a professional and reputed IPv4 exchange platform that operates within the Secondary IPv4 Market guidelines. exchange platform is provided by Alpha InfoLab, a reputed Official Facilitator and Broker of IPv4. Alpha InfoLab provides comprehensive services to buyers and sellers. It prides itself in providing transparent and smooth IP transfer, adheres to guidelines, and compliance laid down by RIRs. is an interactive, and client-friendly exchange platform. Here companies, institutions, ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), etc. can sell their IP addresses. Buyers or lessees can bid for IPs to get fair, and cheap IPv4 blocks facilitated by Alpha InfoLab.  

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IPv4 exhaustion

Benefits of using to buy IPv4s:

  1. Transparent transfer:

The IP transfer from the seller to buyer is transparent and seamless. You will benefit from first-hand information at every stage of your bid, till you buy IPv4 block. team provides professional assistance from inquiry to possession of IPs. All necessary documentation is thoroughly scrutinized throughout the transfer process.

  1. Bid for fair market price:

You will benefit from bidding at a fair market price. The platform is easy to use, where you will be able to see all the information regarding the bid and purchase of the IPv4 address block. Our team will make all efforts to provide you IPs at the best market price.

  1. Best Investment:

When you buy IPs, you can lease IPs to other companies. You can even sell IPs in the future at a higher Market Price. It is important that all the guidelines by RIRs are followed.

Benefits of using to lease IPv4s: IPv4 to IPv6

  1. Cost-efficient:

Leasing IPs is cheaper than buying IPs. Additionally, you enjoy the benefits of using IP addresses. It is cost-efficient to lease IPs if you are a Hosting Provider or an Email Marketer or an IT Software company. Leasing enables you to provide high-end services to clients like bulk email marketing, test Apps or websites, or website or server hosting.

  1. Avoid Blacklist:

When you lease IPs, you do not bear the risk of IP blacklisting. You can use the IPs to run email marketing campaigns etc. without worrying about getting blacklisted. However, it is wise to use the IPs with care, and not spam under GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act.

Benefits of using to sell IPv4s:

  1. Generate revenue for the seller:

When you sell IPv4 space, you are generating revenue for your business. It is the best business decision, especially when you want to transition your infrastructure from IPv4 to IPv6 in the future.

  1. Generate a steady stream of income for lessor:

When you lease IPv4, you are generating a steady stream of income for your business. This way you can make the transition to IPv6 whenever your budget allows.

IPv6 is pushed in India by Nixi

Why offers more than a regular exchange platform. Here buyers and sellers bid for IPs from RIPE NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, and ARIN. Alpha InfoLab, the official facilitator and broker by RIRs owns Alpha InfoLab also offers extended service of a complete end-to-end IPv4 transfer solution.

Benefits of having a broker like

  1. The team makes sure all due diligence is followed in accordance with RIRs.
  2. A step-by-step IP transfer process is followed.
  3. Clients enjoy quick, agile, and 24/7 Customer and Technical Support from our team.
  4. We pride ourselves on having IP pools from as large as /8, to as low as /24.
  5. We guarantee IPs that are clean.
  6. Buyers and sellers are thoroughly vetted and prequalified.
  7. All payments are secure through bank transfer or Escrow.

Additionally, Alpha InfoLab is a reputed Information Technology Company that specializes in Digital Marketing and VPS Hosting. We provide your business with a seamless transition from IPv4 to IPv6. IPv6 is the Standard Internet Protocol, and soon everyone will be on it. If you are not sure about moving to IPv6, then take a look at some facts about IPv6:

  1. Google has already made the transition to IPv6. Meaning, all google users are already searching for products, and services on IPv6.
  2. According to StatCounter, there are 92.18% of users worldwide use Google as their primary search engine.
  3. According to statistics by Google, as of June 13, 2021, there are 34.68% of global users access Google over IPv6. This means that if your business is not on IPv6 yet, you are losing out on 33.68% of users.

How buying IP addresses can strengthen your business?

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