How many IPv4 addresses are there?

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The internet was first used to connect within a network using internet protocol, however as the network grew beyond, there was a need for a connectionless protocol and hence, IPv4 addressing was developed. (how many ipv4 addresses are there) IPV4 is the current iteration of the Internet Protocol, the standard that determines how different computers or devices communicate with each other.

An IP address is a numerical tag given to each computer connected in a network and communicated using an Internet Protocol. 

What is IPv4 addressing?

An IPv4 address is the fourth version of Internet Protocol, an IP address is denoted as a 32-bit number.

Why is an IP address used?

An IP address is used to identify the host or network and provides a host location in the network. An IP address establishes a path to the host. The IP packet header in an IP address includes the IP address of the sending host and the receiving host. Hence, an IP address identifies the source and destination, and the internet is used to send and receive data using the IP address. 

How many IP addresses are there in the world?

When you look at IPv4 the unique hosts are limited to 232 or just over 4 billion, since it uses 32-bit number to represent an IP, out of 4 billion addresses, 18 million are reserved for special use, which cannot be accessed using the public internet.

IPv4 deals Addresses
How many IPv4 addresses are there?
How many IPv4 addresses are left?

Since 4 billion unallocated addresses were feared to get exhausted, IPv6 technology was developed to eventually replace IPv4. IPv6 uses a 128-bit address or 2128, which means there an unlimited or infinite IPs. 

Why are we still using IPv4?

We are still using IPv4 since the IPs have not depleted entirely and there are still allocated IPs that are in surplus with companies and institutions. The internet currently uses both IPv4 and IPv6. But, some companies are selling IPv4s and moving to IPv6 which is more secure, has much more IP capacity and supports the explosion of mobile users and IoT devices.

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How to find IPv4 address?how-many-ipv4-addresses-are-there

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