When will IPv4 be phased out as they are running out rapidly?

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When will IPv4 be phased out? is the most asked question and there can be many answers to this. In this blog, we aim to provide a proper answer to this question(IPv4 Exhaustion Is A Myth).

Following are the various answers commonly found online:

  • IPv4s have run out completely in some RIRs like ARIN, RIPE. There are many articles and also RIR data showing that IPv4s have run out. The RIR’s IPv4 exhaustion counter is bare, however, there are other RIRs who still have IPv4s(IPv4 Exhaustion Is A Myth).
  • There are still IPv4 addresses left which are owned by companies and institutions that have unused or surplus IPv4s. A very good example of this aspect is MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) which sold around 8 million IPv4s to Amazon in 2017.
  • Some companies and institutions are also selling their used IPs: Many companies are selling their clean but used IPs on the IPv4 marketplace.
  • Some are considering switching from IPv4 to IPv6. Some companies have already moved from IPv4 to IPv6, but there is a long way to go since switching to IPv6 can be time-consuming and will cost money, if it is not handled by a professional broker like IPv4.deals(IPv4 Exhaustion Is A Myth).

IPv4 exhaustion 2019:

IPv4 exhaustion is a myth if you ask experts from IPv4.deals. There are many unallocated IPv4s that are still available and the best part is that RIR’s can conduct the inter-RIR transfer of IPs. This has by far solved the IPv4 running out a problem, for maybe another 15-20 years since companies can now buy IPv4s or sell IPv4s within RIR’s and also do inter-RIR transfer.

A middle solution to shift to IPv6:

It will take a long time for IPv4s to completely phase-out, and for IPv6 to be adopted. However, there is a middle way, where a transition technology is used for IPv6 connectivity on IPv4 internet without actually having a connection on the IPv6 network. This IPv6 transition technology can support devices including IoT can inter-operate with current IPv4 devices.

How many IPv4 addresses are left on the counter?

There are still many IPv4s left on the counter. When you take a look at the Exchange Platform page on the IPv4.deals site, you will come across many deals that are for sale, lease and where you can bid on. The most common deals are for /22 Block registered in APNIC and /20 Block registered in ARIN Transferable to ARIN, APNIC, RIPE at different prices.

There is a huge demand for IPv4s than for IPv6, this could be because of ignorance by many companies about the benefits of IPv6 or because they think it will be too expensive to move to IPv6 or their mobile devices and IoT devices have been using IPv4 and do not feel the need to migrate to IPv6.

IPv4.deals has been an advocate to educate companies about the positive benefits of transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6. There is a huge gap between IPv4 and IPv6 that needs to be filled and this can be done through proper planning.

Our experts have aimed to motivate companies to sell their IPv4s, help them with a smooth transition to IPv6 and for those companies who do not require IPv6 can buy IPv4s that are clean.

Speak to our IP experts today to get an IP solution for your company, whether it is to stay with IPv4 or moving to IPv6.

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